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Outrage with FIFA……how dare they!

With most of the daily news stories I try not to take too much on board, after all too much bad news can after all be very upsetting or depressing.

This morning whilst on one of my bus journeys to work I had a quick glance at the Metro newspaper (supplied free on our West Midlands buses). The headlines caught my eyes and so I picked it up and read the main story. having read it I found myself actually feeling totally outraged and at the same time frustrated for our football players, and at the same time proud that our players are prepared to show defiance over the no Poppy ban by FIFA.

FIFA have said that our footballers will not be allowed to wear any representation of the Poppy on matches that will be played Remembrance Day, and I quote    ”FIFA has banned players from wearing poppies because the world governing body prohibits ‘political, religious or commercial messages’ being displayed on the pitch”.

How dare they term our Remembrance Day as a political, religious or commercial message. They are the ones who are making the political message by making a ban in the first place…HOW DARE THEY!

For me and I dare say for the majority, the day is a day that as a country it is a commemorative occasion, and as people we stand united as a nation to remember and thank so many  who sacrificed their own lives to make this country and the world a better place for all. If people do not want to believe that and pay tribute, then that is their own choice, no one is forcing them to, however it does not give the likes of FIFA the right to dictate to us that our players can not wear an emblem that recognizes something very important in our history  past and present and something that is a long-standing tradition. Without the freedom this countries fallen has fought for, then my guess is  FIFA would most probably not even exist.

Why do FIFA even believe Remembrance Day  comes under any of the headings of political, religious or commercial message?

The only message it says is let us be allowed to show our respect to and remember the many fallen brave men and woman of this country and the Commonwealth who gave up their own lives to make the world a better place for the rest of us. The only difference is that we as a nation choose to remember these brave people once a year every year on the same date because it is a marked time in world history and they all deserve that recognition and thanks even if it is for just only one day each and every year, because after all it is a very important day.

I for one am proud to wear my Poppy as a way of showing my respect and thanks, this is not as a political, religious or even a commercial message or statement.  It is to say our lives could have been so very different, had it not been for the millions of people not have given their own lives to protect the future of so many millions of others.



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Patience and Perseverance…….

Back out on the canal these past few days, I have been able to do a little bit of fishing again…….but, to be completely honest I’ve been concentrating more on feeding the ducks and geese rather than feeding the fish!

With the beautiful weather we have been having these past few days and with my camera ready at the side of me, I have been waiting patiently, and in anticipation of Jemima Puddleduck and her brood to make a proper appearance. On Friday  I was duly rewarded with the sound of faint little squeaks and several quacking sounds heading in my direction.

Jemima cautiously eyed me up for a moment as she approached my direction, and then gathering her little brood she ushered them towards me…….and that was before the appearance of the bread. Whilst letting them feed she kept an ever watchful eye upon her babies ensuring no harm would come to any of them….and at the same time she was trying hard to avoid the amorous advances of three drakes in the close vicinity. Just goes to prove how good the female of any species is good at multi tasking. The drakes had apparently decided in this glorious warm sunshine that they had an appetite for more than a couple of slices of bread ( I think they were trying to prove to Jemima they were the best thing since sliced bread!)

I felt privileged in the fact that she brought her babies up to within a few feet of me, and allowed me to see them that close up. She didn’t seem at all wary of the fishing pole I was using.

About a week or so back there was a fishing contest on this stretch of the canal on the opposite bank, and despite my love of fishing for over the last 40 yrs, I became very annoyed at the attitude of one of the anglers. Whilst on my lunch break this particular day, I took only my camera and some bread out to feed the geese and ducks. Knowing full well I would not be permitted to fish in this area whilst a contest was in progress, I didn’t take my fishing pole out. The geese decided to congregate in their usual place to await feeding…..by now a perfectly normal routine for them.  Whilst this was not directly in front of any of  the swims of the anglers  in the contest, the last angler in the line chose to tell me, across at me from the opposite side of the bank that the birds had been a bl****y nuisance all morning, by flying up and down that stretch of canal, flapping about and chasing each other, and they shouldn’t be encouraged there.  I had to stop and remind him…..very politely, the birds had every right to be there, after all this was their natural habitat, their home and they (the anglers)  were the ones invading the creatures territory.

It struck me how intolerant and disrespectful some people can be towards our natural wildlife and their surrounding habitat. I actually felt ashamed of another anglers attitude towards these creatures. One of the things I have learned to do over many years is to respect these creatures, and respect their surroundings and habitat. They have as much right, if not more right, to be there on these waterways than I have. So I have learned to enjoy and share their presence, and their habitat and home.  Something I was told many years ago……especially so with Swans and their Cygnets, is if they are on land and you want to approach them, then you can do so by bowing your head down and approach them slowly and cautiously. This gesture apparently shows them a sense of respect, and it also makes them aware that you will not cause them or their young ones any harm. It works for me every time.

Any way, I will be keeping an ever watchful eye on these ducklings over the coming weeks as well as the goslings, and will continue to watch their progress. Here are some of the photo’s I was able to take on Friday. I hope you enjoy them.

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