About me and my battle with depression

There really isn’t that much I can tell any of you about myself at this stage, but I hope as time moves on and people read my blog they will start to know me a little better. And I hope this way I can reveal a little bit more about myself in stages, whilst continuing to fight this damn illness.

What I can tell you is that my name is Sue, I am an independent  lady in my  40’s  (fast approaching 50 ) from  the West Midlands. I was diagnosed a little over 12 years ago with depression. Its an illness that if any one suffers from can appreciate the extent of how it affects the quality of one’s life on a day to day basis, and the physical and mental energy it takes to fight this personal battle from within.   I am determined not to let the depression beat me, although on numerous occasions it nearly has. I still try to live my life to the best by doing the things I enjoy doing again such as photography, art, craft and fishing.

One of the things I have been able  to do this past year or so is to be more open with many others about my illness, after all depression is an illness and it is nothing to be ashamed of,  by not hiding my illness it allows me to have a bit more energy to fight this illness and get on with my life……its not been easy, but its not impossible either.

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