Political unrest……Is this the start of the end of Britain being so great?

I am the first to admit that I am not a strongly political minded person, and to be honest when ever I can I try to avoid getting involved in politics, unlike some people I know, but I do understand it enough to make up my own mind, and I feel somewhat upset and afraid of the decision that has been made, but more importantly why so many made the decision to leave the EU. and I felt that I have to say something, whether any of my readers agree with my reasons or not.  The last few days have come across like reading a script to a disaster movie, only difference is that it is not a script but is happening for real, and the ripples are only just starting to be felt globally.

This EU Referendum has got to have caused one of the biggest stirs in British politics in many years, and we have had no choice but to listen to both sides of the argument. At the end of all this I believe everyone is drawing their own conclusions. We can only hope and pray that the decision that has now been made for us to leave the EU is indeed the right one, but in all honesty I really do have my doubts. If only time could be turned back!! What was once a very much loved country around the world will now most probably be hated by so many.

Most of  what this Brexit vote has been about is about this country is supposedly taking back its own power, so we had been lead to believe. The truth is, no country who stands alone has real power, only the political parties who rule the country, and we all know what that means….if the wrong political party is in power and they have specific motives and agendas….then we are, to put it politely… screwed!

I have found that much of the emphasis of this referendum has been placed on changing our immigration laws, and also not having to pay £350 million into the EU every week,  and by doing this the Brexit party leaders have led us to believe that will  be a good thing for this country. What the majority of people do not realise is this is not going to happen quickly, if indeed at all, this entire process of change will take many years to even get started and settled in,  but in the meantime so many of us will suffer on all different levels. I think in reality the British people are so angered by the fact that nothing is being done to curb the influx of illegal refugees and immigrants, and as a result have made themselves heard in the only way they know how. What is startling is that the leave and stay vote was only about 1.3 million difference, in reality not a huge difference, which only goes to show almost as many people wanted us to remain in the EU as many who want to leave it…indeed a very close call.

For years we have seen this country on its knees when the Conservative government has been in power. The rich have got richer and the rest of us have been left to suffer. Imagine now this country under new a Conservative rule, or under the likes of Farge and his party, with all the power to do what they want to do and what they believe in. We only have to look back at the history of Margaret Thatcher regime being in power. The miners strike, the introduction of poll tax…..these are just a couple that spring to mind and the turmoil that all of that caused is still present.

What has appalled and horrified me, is that the MAIN focus of this referendum has been concentrated on our immigration laws,  and the saving ourselves £350 million per week by not having to pay it to the EU in Brussels. There is so much more at stake here than those two concerns, but I do get the impression that those who voted leave really don’t give a damn about the other issues, or in actual fact how they are going to be achieved!!

Understandably, there has to be a point where the people stand up and say enough is enough, when there is mass migration of populations who come here as refugees and are here to ‘use our system’ for their own benefit, and that there has to be a change in the law and the control of allowing so many illegal immigrants into the country. There is no doubt about it, the UK has been struggling over a number of years, and hundreds of thousands of  British people as a result have lost out on services and benefits that they are entitled to, but to deal with it in this way surely is not the answer.

But what a very large percentage of the British population keep forgetting is that we a very large number of people here in the UK who are from other European and far foreign lands who make a decent and honest living in this country, they are not scroungers and come over to this country to mock us and our laws, but a huge percentage of these people are decent hardworking individuals who made the decision that they wanted a new life in this country because it is such a great country, and have taken the opportunity to make a success out of their lives,  and at the very same time they are contributing to our economy, culture and way of preservation of life and humanity.

The Brexit campaign have done a such a good job of convincing people that the changes they have the power to make will be for the better. Political rule by what ever party in this country comes in to power will have its people on their knees. Between this vote and the time it will actually take for the UK to leave the EU and set up its own rules so many millions of British people are going to suffer financially. If the Conservative  party take power they will privatize many things  including the likes of the NHS, schools and housing.

We the people will have no actual power or the right to say or do anything, but if you listen to the Brexit leaders they are making promises that we have the power to make these changes. The people of this country have been grossly mislead into believing we will be better off out of the EU. The emphasis of this whole fight has been about immigration laws and control as well as saving millions of pounds per week in not having to pay into the EU. Not about our continued financial stability and security for the immediate future of the British people, or safety of our jobs, pensions and indeed our very survival.

In one way its good to see that so many people who voted leave are so optimistic about their decision, and the future of this country, but let’s be honest….how many times in our history have politicians lied to us, and made promises that have been broken and not just in this country either. Way to many times. There is no doubt that we have been fed  a pack of lies for this EU referendum. It’s very simple…the math does not add up to achieve all the financial promises that have been made, there will be so many effects and repercussions, on so many different levels, we will still be paying huge amounts of tax to the government, but are we really going to see anything in return? There has already been 2,000 victims on the first day with the loss of jobs at Morgan Stanley in London (although they are saying it is just rumors and is not true,) then no doubt they will be saying that they were already ‘considering moving’ the business out of London prior to the result of the referendum, and that the result did not influence them in any way. Truth is they are scared of what has happened and how it will affect them and everyone else.

I was watching a news clip on sky earlier today which was recorded from a live session with Farage on Friday morning. Having achieved his desired result, the news reporter asked him about his promise written in the manifesto to use the £350 million for our NHS…he said on camera he never made such a promise.!!! The interviewer challenged him and said, but one of the main reasons so many people voted leave was because your party manifesto has promised to put that money back into our NHS……he squirmed and smirked his way out of it, then said we will have to see. Just goes to prove some politicians will lie to get where and what they want, and have not thought any of this through properly, they are making it up as they go along and hope that it comes out right in the end!!

In short, the people of this country wanted to see change on many fronts, big policy changes, and they thought this would be the easy and best way to create that change. What millions of people do not realise is that although many rules and regulations have been created by the EU in Brussels, there are also many more rules and regulations that our own British Parliament have created and put in place and have nothing to do with the EU, and so many of these policies will still have to remain in place even when we have left the EU In addition to this there are so many international laws that we have to abide by, and these can never be changed by simply going outside the EU. It does appear many have looked at what has been shown on the surface and not deep down. It might all eventually come right in the end, but getting there will cause so much damage and it could be years before this country can rebuild itself and properly stabilise itself again, in the meantime those who voted out will not get to see the changes they want, will become impatient, will blame whatever reason they can find and whoever they can find to blame….when in actual fact they have only themselves to blame for using the vote this way. The EU was not perfect, far from it but in unity we were stronger on many fronts. It has been because of the EU that our economy has remained stable and acceptable for so many years. If we go into another major recession, it will take years to get out of it, no one will help us!! This entire campaign has been the biggest sham out, all so that racist leaders could get into power and take over from the 3 main political parties, and that is dangerous.

Has Britain lost its greatness? And is it a case of united we stand…….divided we fall??





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