Unacceptable social behaviour is draining NHS resources!

Normally with it being Christmas, I would have been publishing something a little more lighthearted, but I have seen the dark side of this Christmas holiday (and not for the first time!)
However, last night from 5.30pm until 4.00am this morning I have witnessed at first hand what our NHS staff have to put up in my local hospital due to some assholes thinking that because it’s Christmas, and the last Friday/Saturday of Christmas partying, is a good enough reason to put other people s lives, especially the elderly in danger.
This is a complete waste of NHS resources and is life threatening to those who are genuinely ill and need the ambulance service to save their lives and to get them to hospital in good time for necessary and vital treatment.
Yesterday, I went out for Christmas lunch with my lovely work colleagues, and like most normal people we had a couple of drinks with the meal, moderation being the name of the game.
And then when I got home yesterday evening I received a frightening phone call, so to cut along story short my dad who is 84 suffered severe chest pains and pressed his emergency care line buzzer for help. A paramedic arrived checked him over ECG and all that and advised that although the chest pain had eased off and because of dads history of heart problems he wanted him to go to hospital to be thoroughly checked over by the doctors.  The paramedic called for an ambulance….3 times in approx 45 to 50 mins.
They were busy and had no ambulance crews available…..and why do you think that is? I will tell you why, because some assholes were getting completely drunk out of their brains (if they had any) with all afternoon and evening sessions of celebration drinking and were staggering out in to local streets, passing out and having to be taken by ambulances into the local hospitals, thus tying up all the ambulances and then tying up the doctors and nurses of the A&E etc.
On the arrival of these thoughtless drunken assholes they then proceeded to become abusive towards the staff, and because of the risk of them then falling asleep and choking on their own vomit, the staff had to divert their attentions from the genuinely ill patients including my dad to look after these thoughtless idiots.
Now, bearing in mind there was a chance my dad could have been having a heart attack and  he would have died, there is no two ways about it…a delay due to no ambulance being available to get him to hospital in that length of time would have proved fatal, as would the delay in follow-up treatment at the hospital.
Fortunately in the early hours of this morning, with my brother, sister-in-law and myself at his hospital bed following two sets of blood test, approx 3 to 4 hours apart we were relieved when we were able to eventually see the doctor  (who again had been delayed in seeing my dad by 6 hours because of these thoughtless drunks taking up valuable NHS resources) to find out he had not suffered a heart attack, and it was more likely to have been a major angina attack. however the doctors are still not sure, and are sending him for a chest x-ray after we left the hospital at 4.00am this morning and also want him to see a heart consultant some time Saturday morning.
The bottom line is I cannot for the life of me understand why people think that it is ok to go out and get totally plastered knowing that it could well mean they could end up in hospital to be treated for self-induced alcohol poisoning and similar. Surely they must realize they are putting a huge amount of stress on the NHS service and its resources and more importantly are putting other people’s lives at risk. I saw for myself first hand the verbal abuse thrown at the NHS staff as well as physical objects being thrown at them and in this one night the fact that two guys came close to hitting staff and frightening the relatives of ill patients. Unfortunately the NHS staff still have to treat them the same as any other patient in hospital.
Yes it is Christmas, and no one is saying it is not ok to drink and celebrate, but why should these thoughtless idiots compromise our NHS service and put other lives in danger in the process….this type of social behaviour is not acceptable. It was apparently is one of THE biggest nights of the year for celebrating last night (called black Friday by the ambulance crews, police etc) and the NHS are all only to well aware of how they are going to be hit, but are not able to do anything about it.
Thanks for stopping by.

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