Welcome to Autumn in all its glory.

It seems strange that a mere few weeks ago we were enjoying our summer season.  For a little over 3 months now I have been enjoying my summer morning and evening walks at the reserve close by to where I currently work. Breathing in all that calm, relaxing and intoxicating fresh air, and listening to all of those summery sounds and the chattering birds, and always in pursue with my camera trying to capture the more unusual  birds and animals.

During the past 2 weeks I have gradually notice that the lush green meadows and deep green leaves on the trees have gradually given way to the deep glowing oranges and reds and then brown leaves and of course with that comes the bare trees. But what a beautiful and stunning transformation this has been. With the changing of the seasons I have witnessed mother nature at her best and her worst.

I have been able to see more closely the remaining smaller birds flitting in and out of the trees and nestling for just a moment or two, giving me that extra chance to photograph them. I have even made friends with a little Robin redbreast, who will fly down to me on his tree trunk, he knows he will get some wild bird seed and a bit of fat ball from me, on the odd occasion a tiny bit of digestive biscuit, which I have found out he is quite partial to, and because of this in more recent weeks it has made me aware of how nature needs to survive in the changing seasons.

Despite the change in the weather, the cooler temperature and the evenings getting darker quicker, it is still pleasant to see the sunshine out for a while. I love to see the  light of the sun shimmering through the trees and see the beautiful rich golden and red colours than the leaves have turned to. This time of the year for me is ‘soothing’.



Autumn landscape in all its glory.





Change Of Seasons.
The Summer season gradually fades away,
Nature’s way of bidding a humble farewell to all.
A change is seen as the leaves fade in unison
As the beautiful Autumn season comes to call.
September – the sounds in the garden are quiet now,
The song birds are no longer to be found.
Flying high up in the cloudy sky,
Many feathered friends are southward bound.
October – the trees are covered with tantalizing colors
Of red and gold and yellow and even brown,
And crimson, too, in a multitude of fashion
The leaves come wafting down.
November – fringed with frost and nippy cold,
The fading days of Autumn are everywhere.
A quiet state of melancholy days
With signs of a changing season in the air.
December – All of a sudden the winds of winter blow,
The falling snow begins to pile high.
We are delighted for the bounty Autumn has provided,
Uttering words of thank you – with an appreciative sigh.
Joseph T Renaldi.
Many thanks for stopping by.

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