The week from hell!!

It’s so true in the saying that we all have our week from hell. I think mine has been during this past week  or so.

Following on from my last blog about my cousin Janice, tomorrow  (5th November) we will be paying our respects and saying our final farewells to her at the funeral, but hopefully later in the day going over some wonderful memories as we shall also be celebrating her life. It is never easy to accept the death of a very dearly loved family member or close friend, but somehow we do learn to cope and  get on with our lives. It is way difficult for some than others. I know that tomorrow for many family and friends it is going to be a very difficult and emotional day.

Having heard that particular news about my Cousins death the other week, our family have been hit with another huge blow. On Thursday of last week we received  the news out of the blue that my Mom’s only remaining sister Aunty Ethel (or Aunty Titch as she has been affectionately called by family for many years) has been diagnosed with breast cancer. There are only three options available to treat my aunt and her life threatening illness, and one of those is unquestionably not an option, however at the tender age of 86 and suffering heart problems, we have to grasp at that little thing called hope and try to remain positive and hope that she comes through this with the removal of the tumor and two weeks of intensive radiography treatment.  And yet the strange thing is, over a number of years, I have noticed as a general rule, when we go through this type of situation, we tend to have more hope for others than for ourselves if we were facing the same problem. I wonder why that is the case? I wonder what it is with that element of humanity that we feel that way?

Having been somewhat under the weather myself last week, and especially so throughout the latter part of the week and weekend, on Sunday morning I found myself wondering whether I should or should not attend my local A&E dept, hoping they could discover why and put a stop to some very heavy rectal bleeding which had been going on for about 3 days and nights  on and off. I decided that with modern medical technology the way it is, there would be a simple answer and a simple solution, deal with it and be able to send me happily on my way back home….job done.

On reporting the A&E reception, explaining my problem and being seen within 30 mins, I found myself being sent by ambulance from my local Solihull A&E over to the Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham as an emergency admission, on route my BP fell uncomfortably low enough for the ambulance  team  to have to stop the ambulance in order to monitor me and administer IV fluids and oxygen and get my BP back up and of course the good old-fashioned raised legs posture works very effectively for blood loss and shock.  I do remember very suddenly my eyes went very blurred and I couldn’t focus and felt like I was going to pass out,  I have to say the whole experience has been very frightening.

I was duly seen  by the ward doctor shortly after my arrival there, who did his initial assessment, examination on the ward where a bed had already been booked for me, but I then had to wait to see the Consultant Surgeon on call who was already in theatre doing emergency surgery, before a decision could be made as to whether I would need to be operated on to discover the cause and site of the bleed and put a stop to it.  Or whether they would do a camera investigation, the first instance was to see if the bleeding would settle on its own.  As a result of the uncertainty I was not allowed to eat or drink anything until very late Sunday night….. a roast beef salad sandwich at 11.30 at night. Over 24 hours without food or water, despite what people say about hospital food…. it was the best sandwich I had tasted in ages.

Fortunately I was able to avoid emergency surgery , but I was kept in for 2 days and overnight until the bleeding had decided to stop of its own accord  Sunday night.  Further investigation, blood tests, poking and prodding believes at this stage  to be a nasty little polyp in the bowel, but since the bleeding had stopped they did not want to disturb me any more and start the bleeding off again by putting a long tube and camera inside me. Although my hemoglobin level was very slightly low it was within normal acceptable range, and come Monday another test also showed a very slight dip but still within a safe range. I was finally released home Monday night, pending further investigations via an outpatients appointment in the coming weeks via a Sygmoidoscopy procedure.  However I have been given instruction if it happens again before going in for the camera test, I have been told to call an ambulance or get myself straight back to A&E.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, I returned to work today only to find termination of my contract waiting for me for the Friday of this week rather than 25th  November. Now that the lady whose job I was covering has returned almost 2 weeks, I am now surplus to requirements. So come next Monday, yet again I will be going through all the turmoil of trying to find another new job. There are two more temporary contracts at the place I do currently work, one which I have applied for and am waiting for an interview date, and one which I will be applying for when it becomes advertised, and my manager who knows both of the dept managers/team leaders has promised me a glowing reference.

I think I can say in all honesty his has been my week from hell….and I can only hope it does get better.

It is when you get weeks like this it is so vitally important to try and remain positive and focused. And I do have to question myself, just how much can any individual take in such a sport space of time? And despite all the various emotions I have been experiencing over this past week, I do think I have learned to ‘deal’ with it better than I thought I ever could. So there is a lot to be said for thinking positive, and trying to remain that way.


Thanks for stopping by.


One thought on “The week from hell!!

  1. Oh my God, you poor thing! Sorry to read about your cousin and the bad news about Aunty Titch. I learned last week that my Aunt in her seventies had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer but I think it was caught early enough. (Fingers crossed she’ll be okay)
    To top it all off you had a bit of a nightmare yourself. Are you okay now? Xx


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