Bitter sweet!

Life had been a little bitter for me in the 3 months whilst I was out of work, but then when I started my temporary contract of employment with Mondelez International at Cadbury’s in Bournville, Birmingham…..the sweetness returned once again 😉 and that is not just in reference to a sweet chocolate bar.

I am aware I haven’t written any posts recently, but my job has kept me so busy and fulfilled. And I have to admit that when my contract with them is up in November, I am so going to miss it all so much, unless I am fortunate to secure a permanent post within the company, which I do hope so……but only time will tell.

My experience with this company has been nothing short of momentous. The experience and the knowledge I have gained has been incredible. It hasn’t been so much a job, but more a way of life. I have met some fantastic people and made many new friends, and in such a short time learnt so much about this massively global company and what it represents.

I can remember thinking when I first started working for this company, it would simply be interesting to see how that one yummy  bar of chocolate is created, and then ends up tickling  our taste buds. What I hadn’t realized was just how much work goes on behind the scenes in numerous departments to ensure totally that each and every bar of chocolate is a perfect product of enjoyment. I have been incredibly surprised to find out just what is involved in ensuring that all their products are looked after with such dedication to ensure it reaches the consumer in absolute prime condition and can therefore be enjoyed at its utmost in those few moments of pleasure. And this is not just down to bars of chocolate, Mondelez are responsible for so many other brand names of foods, and each and every product has the same incredible level of dedicated service and the highest level of care from choosing its producers, through production, even wrapping and then storage and transportation, right up to the moment it reaches us the consumer. Nothing is left to chance, everything has to be just so perfect, so that you, me and millions of people around the world can enjoy their favourite snack.

In addition to all this, I have found that for the first time in several years my mind has become significantly challenged in the work I do on the Co Pack  admin side of my job, this in itself I have found challenging and rewarding and has been part of the experience of helping me enjoy this job and indeed my life in general.  With depression, your self-esteem and confidence have a nasty habit of dwindling away to nothing, other times it can drop like an exploding bomb through a building by being wiped out ever so quickly, so in effect every day you survive becomes a challenge in itself………just to simply  carry on surviving. But these other challenges in my job, have served to remind me that I do have the ability and now a little bit  more confidence in myself. I have proved substantially my competence at doing certain things and carrying out certain tasks with a great team of management and colleagues, tasks I have never done before but have proved to others, and more importantly to myself that I can do them.  I have become more aware and understanding of why conformance plans and KPI reporting are so vitally important. I have also developed a much more intense understanding as to why planning production so far in advance is so vitally important to production of goods at the correct time, and everything that is involved behind the scenes, including ensuring the product itself has the correct wrapping on it.  The work may sometimes be repetitive, but it also ensures one never becomes complacent. I love the way this company does business, it is so open, which in this day and age is so refreshing to see, it is one of the few organizations who truly value its customers as well as the people who work for them. Oh, and I must not forget to mention they really do produce some delightful and fantastic snacks and food products, after all we are ALL entitled to enjoy moments of pleasure and joy.

Last week I had an appointment with my GP, the usual check up on my medication and to see how I am coping, even she had noticed a change in me from my last visit before I got this job. Once again we briefly talked about the chance of being eventually able to reduce and come off my meds. This would certainly be a challenge for me, but we both agreed it would be better to wait a little longer. Once this job contract does finish, unless I am in the position of walking into another job straight away, then we both know I am in for a very rough ride again. And so yet again, I will have to postpone reducing the higher dose of anti-depressant, before finally, I hope, completely do without them entirely.

Talking with one of my managers yesterday, he asked me if I was ok, I mentioned to him that I had panic attack a few nights ago. It had left me feeling somewhat physically and mentally drained.  It was about  the sudden realization that my contract was coming to an end, the lady whose job I have been covering will be coming back from maternity leave in a few weeks time, and my time in the job would be up. It hit me out of the blue, where do I go from here and what to do and what do I do next? Despite proving myself and my abilities as one individual within this job role within this global organization, it now means I have got to go through a period of uncertainty in applying to other companies for jobs. I have been promised an excellent reference, which is great, but the problem lies out there again with the job agencies and the companies who pick and choose a small hand full from hundreds of applicants. This means for every 50 to 100 jobs you apply for your lucky to get noticed enough to get just 1 or 2 interviews. Presenting yourself and handing over a glowing reference and being given a job offer is one thing, but just getting to that particular stage in this day and age is another story. In the meantime I have got to try to stay positive.

So unless a miracle does happen and another job becomes available within this organization in the next few weeks, then it looks like I am going to have to re write my CV from scratch and re invent myself….and so there sits another challenge for this weekend for me. Anyway I had best get started 😉   in the meantime, its time for some chocolate 🙂




Have a great weekend everyone, and many thanks for stopping by.


One thought on “Bitter sweet!

  1. I am in the same boat. I was laid off last March and now work a temp job I love. I don’t know if I will get kept. It’s a challenge for sure. God’s blessings to you and I sincerely hope things work out. Good luck.


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