Who frowned me that face?

As a huge fan of the sci-fi series  Dr Who, (ever since I was a  child) I was so pleased to see the return of the program just a few short years ago.

When it was running on BBC tv back in the 70’s there have been so many memorable and favourite episodes and characters, but last nights opening episode of the new series, with Peter Capaldi as the new, and to begin with uncertain Dr, this has to be in my mind one of the best pieces of script ever from the program.


This made me smile last night, what a great conversation.

(Doctor.)       ”Have you seen this face before?”

(Tramp.)       ”No”

(Doctor.)       ”Are you sure”

(Tramp. )      ”Sir, I have never seen that face”  

(Doctor.)       ”It’s funny, because I’m sure that I have. I never know where the faces come from. They just pop up. Zap! Facies like this one”

The doctor then grabs hold of the tramp, pulls him over to a mirror on the floor.

( Doctor.)       ”Come on, look at it, have a look. Come on look, look, look.  Look it’s covered in lines, but I didn’t  do the frowning.  Who frowned me this face?   Do you ever look in the mirror and think, I’ve seen that face before?”

(Tramp)         ”Yes”

(Doctor.)        ”Really. When?”

(Tramp.)        ”Well, every time I look in the mirror”


Only an actor  like Peter Capaldi could pull something off that well.



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