Living in a dream world!

Finally some good news on the job front 🙂

After more than two months of job hunting, completing applications and attending interviews and ending up feeling dejected and frustrated, I finally landed myself a dream job, be it only temporary.

My intention these past few weeks was to get myself a full-time. permanent job. I had no intention of looking for, or even accepting something temporary, but the past few weeks have dictated otherwise.

In recent weeks, I attended three different job interviews and unfortunately came in as second choice on all three occasions, leaving me feeling despondent and wondering just where I went wrong, and so why was I not first choice. In a nut shell, I have a great CV, but am hopeless (probably because I am out of practice) on interviews and interview techniques, and I have found out that with the questions being asked, is that interviewers are looking for specific answers and if it isn’t what they want to hear from you then you have failed.

I remember an old saying, ‘its not the winning, but the taking part that counts’. But when it comes to getting a job, second place really is no good, this is one time only first place would do.

Last Friday morning I had a phone call out of the blue from a lady from a recruitment office in Leamington Spa, in our little chat, she mentioned she had seen my CV on CV Library and after the usual questions she announced that she believed she had something  that might be ideal for me, because among other things I had stock inventory experience and held a qualification in logistics and also because I had SAP computer experience. She advised me that this massive very well-known global company in Birmingham where looking for someone to work with them for up to about 20 weeks, as a Co-Pack Administrator. Straight away I told her it wasn’t what I was looking for, temporary work was too unsettling and insecure, and at the end of the 20 weeks, where would I be, more than likely unemployed again.

We carried on talking for a few more minutes, and something made me think and say that I really do need to get back into work asap, and I really do need the money to pay my bills, and 2o weeks of a salary is much better than no salary at all.  I ended up saying yes I am interested before I realised I was saying it.  I was then asked if I had an interview arranged for Friday afternoon or Monday  would that be alright.  I acknowledged that it would be.

About 15 minutes later the lady at the recruitment office, whose name is Kam, phoned me back, and asked if 3 pm that Friday afternoon was alright by me, and I said it was. Kam then said she would email the information through, who, where and when. As she was talking to me the email came through and the company based in Bournville, Birmingham was none other than Mondelez/Kraft, the owners of Cadbury’s.  A great opportunity I thought, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t living in a dreamy chocolate covered world at that point in time. When I did pinch myself, ”ouch”, it hurt!

Fortunately, I knew how to get to Bournville, finding the right building in this huge factory and office complex was another story.

The interview, I thought went fairly well. Good job and pay, a possible 20 weeks work and even the chance to apply internally for a permanent position nearer the end of my contract there, should any be available. I left the interview being told they would have an answer for me Monday one way or another. This had to have been the longest weekend ever for me personally. Throughout the weekend I kept picking faults with myself, going over the interview, I could have said this or that instead of what I had said. Come Sunday night I went to bed convinced I had failed again, and perhaps came a close second yet again, and resigned myself to the fact I would be on my laptop all day searching the vacancies.

Just after 9.30 am on Monday morning Kam from the recruitment office phoned me, asking how it all went on Friday, what did I think about the job, the place etc, and if they did offer me the job if I be willing to accept it, I did say yes, but added that I didn’t think I would get offered it. As we were speaking on the phone she received an email from one of the two managers who interviewed me Friday afternoon, stating that they had decided they would like to offer me the job and could I possibly start Tuesday.

I have to say my first day there, I was very nervous, not sure what to expect, what would the team be like who I would be working with, how would I cope with  the role itself……..all the usual questions. And I must say sitting here tonight typing my blog, for the first time in several weeks, I actually feel at ease and I’m looking forward to going back there tomorrow, and not just for the yummy chocolate either 😉


Many thanks for stopping by.



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