History repeating itself!

It seems history can and does repeat itself, or at least in my case it does!

Having gone into work this morning,  everything seemed normal. However I am now back at home having been told at around mid day today, due to financial cut backs within the company I work for……or should I say worked for, that they are having to let me and about ten others go.

It’s very strange that around this time last year I was only saying how lucky 13 (2013) was for me, but strangely enough 13  months later it’s just the opposite.

At the moment I am  in shock from receiving this news earlier, and still trying to make sense of it all, and of course asking why me again.

I’m of course trying my hardest  to not let it get me down. but  it does seem that being made redundant for the 2nd time in two-years is one hell of a kick in the teeth.

On a more positive note, I went from 20 years of vast experience  in the Optical trade to having learned in the last year a great deal about watches and how they work, learning  a lot of new skills on the administration/clerical/customer services side of things.

Question is what do I do now? Where do I go from here? What sort of  jobs do I want to apply for?  How will I manage financially until I get a new job/income? So many questions just buzzing around in my head at the moment.

The one thing I did learn early last year, is that despite what skills and valuable experience you have, there are so many people who apply for one job and the employers can afford to pick and choose….as a result of this a huge number of job applications just don’t get looked at or acknowledged, this in itself is I know very upsetting and stressful.

For the next few days with the Easter holidays coming, there is very little I can do job application wise, except be patient and keep hoping the right job comes along very soon. And after all it is important I remain positive and optimistic. And I will need these next few days to re adjust as to what has happened, with another big change in my life. May be history will repeat itself again, like last year, and in a very short time I will be able to land that new job……this time for keeps.


Many thanks for stopping by.


One thought on “History repeating itself!

  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your job Sue, you are an extremely talented lady and I am positive you will get back into work. I think a job for keeps, in the main, is a thing of the past. It is fantastic that you are so flexible and adaptable and you are not only keen to learn new things, but you have proven that you can learn them in any organisation and fit in well because of your transferable skills. You have so much to offer. Look forward to an exciting new adventure.


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