Seasons Greetings and reflections of 2013.

It’s so hard to believe that another Christmas is just a few days away. I have noticed as I have got older so the years seem to pass a little quicker, and this year seems to have gone with such speed its unbelievable! A small confession……I still haven’t put my Christmas tree up.

It’s been a really tough year for me, both personally and professionally. In December of last year, in-fact 12 months ago this past week. I walked away from my old job, without any indication as to what direction my future would be heading or how I would cope with my new life.  I took a three-month break to help my health get back on track. A year ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, which over the last couple of years has crippled me with severe bouts of fatigue, but this condition has explained a great deal about how I have physically felt over those couple of years as well, as the anxiety and depression and stress that took hold of me, I am learning how to deal with this condition and keep it at bay. And yet, despite all of this that has been going on, I do feel that I have made some very promising steps towards my future. In April I even had my first holiday in over a decade, and I very much hope to be in a position to go away again in 2014, I’ve always fancied Weymouth, which has been one of my dads favourite places these past few years.

In recent months,  my dads health has given us great concern with regards to a condition with his heart and now his kidneys, this was following on from losing some of his sight. I have had little time to myself to go much on face book, or even write my blog the past couple of months.  In fact my routine has been very much the same week in and week out. I have had to deal with and come to terms with a great number of changes in my life this year, but on the whole I do feel that for the first time in several years, I have learnt to deal with all these changes with new vigour, determination and better control. Dare I say it, but I thoroughly enjoy my new job, where I have been for the last nine months and they really are a terrific team who I work with.

This Christmas day, I am looking forward to spending a quiet day with my brother, sister-in-law my two wonderful nephews and my dad, having a traditional roast dinner and a relaxing time in front of the TV. And then all being well a few peaceful days of some me time at home with my bunny Sootykins, and a bit of  art or photography, and some quality time with a very dear friend. Already I have several dates in my new diary, to meet up with old friends and colleagues for a meal and few drinks, and then to attend a couple of  hospital appointments……and that is just January!!

It feels a little bit strange that in just over a weeks time it will be another new year. If 2014 is as good a  year as 2013 has been for me, then I will feel blessed again, as I have this year. And I do feel that there are going to be a lot more challenges ahead of me in the coming year.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my fellow bloggers and readers a Happy Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year in 2014.


Many thanks for stopping by

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