I’ve converted!!

No, not me personally, but my camera.

For a while now I have been used to using a Fuji bridge camera, and I have to admit it has given me enormous  enjoyment and some  excellent results. It was a big jump from my first little hand-held digital camera.

Considering some 25 yrs ago one of my first little cameras was a disc camera, and then when I realised I had such a great interest in photography, I was able to buy a secondhand Practika manual camera, along with several different length screw in lenses. the camera worked on a small mercury battery, and you had to put a roll of film in the back. I wonder how many of my readers remember them?  After all these years I still have that kit which includes a long telescopic lense, but alas, because of the major transition from these old manual cameras to the digital age, I haven’t used it for many a year, but I have kept it safe and secure, I simply am not ready to part with it.

These manual cameras were a little on the heavy side to carry around, and if you took the shot once, it was of course on either a 24 or 36 exposure film and was not able to be deleted at the flick of a button. A lot of the work with these type of manual cameras were trial and error, or just plain and simple pot luck. But I did get a great deal of pleasure out of using my kit, and it fueled my interest in photography enormously.

Due to the advancement of the age of digital photography, I bought my first digital camera which was a humble little Kodak, which came with its own little printer, where you sat the camera on top of a little connecting bridge, pressed a couple of buttons and hey presto out would come this lovely colour print. The main problem with these were that it was difficult at later stages to get supplies of the cartridge toner and paper. Again this is something I have never parted with, the camera still works extremely well and you can of course load the pictures on to the computer.

Then about 3 yrs ago I invested  in another small hand-held  Pentax digital camera, this opened up a whole new era for me in photography, because the picture quality and sharpness suddenly went up a few notches. However it was not long after that time that my interest dwindled in my photography because my depression returned and  I had a breakdown, and so for nearly a year my little Pentax sat gathering dust, and my desire to take photo’s just got up and left me.

When my recovery started again I often found myself wondering off to little places that were peaceful and inspirational, and I started carrying my little Pentax around with me. This all gradually increased my desire to take up photography once again. And I found my enjoyment of photography returned, and it has been one of the most helpful tools in my recovery these past 18 months in my battle against depression, and it has helped in many ways to open up my mind again, and has filled in a hole what was once a gap of despair. I’m the first to admit, I can now see so much more beauty in different things that I once took for granted.

When my interest returned and I was suddenly taking loads of photographs again, I found a certain amount of passion in my photography and I realised I wanted to explore it even more, by producing photographs that were  more interesting to look at, with angled shots for instance,  but I also wanted to produce clearer more captivating and memorable shots, and found that as good as my little Pentax was, I needed something with that little extra edge.

With this in mind, in Dec 2011,  I started to look at an affordable bridge camera. I soon became confident in handling and using it, and the quality of my pictures gradually got better and my enthusiasm gave me the change to be that little more creative. So for over a year now my photos that have accompanied this blog have all been taken with my Fuji bridge camera, but it isn’t just the tool in your hand that counts, it’s how you use it, how you let your imagination see that image before you have pressed the button down, and how you want it to look for others to see. A lot of my best shots have also been down to the fact I was in the right place at the right time just to capture that moment.

All this has fueled my passion and enthusiasm  for photography over the past 8/9 months, and has inspired me to go out more often (time and weather permitting) to visit different places of interest and capture those moments for eternity. Simple pleasures like getting up close to a flower with a little bee sitting on it and using my macro to capture them both. Being able to see a building  differently, and not take it for granted….simply because it has always been there, or animals and beautiful scenery. My motto….if you see it and like it, then why not capture it

Having experimented and gained this confidence in handling a bridge camera, after several months of much deliberating and cogitating, I promise myself that once I had my redundancy package I would go the next stage up and convert by treating myself to a good but inexpensive DSLR camera. Now the question was which one should I go for. After all this is a whole new ball game, and I needed to be able to still feel confident in using this particular type of camera and  lense. After several months of gathering info, feedback and opinions I finally opted to buy the Nikon D3100 DSLR.

The difference in this camera style and how it feels to hold is a big change, but  is remarkable one, I’m getting used to adjusting the lense for different scenes, rather than allow an automatic function. The crispness and clarity of the picture is so much better, and with the help of the software disc that came with the kit it improves everything so much more.

I have only been using the new camera for just over a week, but have found the difference remarkable, and I feel excited about the possibilities this piece of equipment has to offer.  The first few days of having it, we had snow……loads of it, so I wasn’t able to see much in the way of colour….apart from green moss and leaves on the trees, and of course the white snow (and a grey dreary sky)

On Good Friday I managed to get out for a couple of hours in the bright sunshine and pay a little visit to place just a few miles from me called Knowle, which is an old parish village on the outskirts of Solihull, this is a place that has a lot of family history, it was the birth place of my father and where he spent his childhood and young mans days, before going off in to the world and doing his national service back in the 1950’s. In addition to this another member of my family has in recent years set up home there. This trip out was the first real opportunity to use my new camera…..and this will be another story and set of photos to follow soon.

In the meantime I have a very small selection of photos from  last weeks ‘British arctic weather’ on my new Nikon.


In just over a weeks time, for my birthday I will be off to Pitlochry in Scotland for a few days break, and am so looking forward to capturing some of that spectacular and beautiful scenery, on both my cameras……as one is never enough!

Many thanks for stopping by.

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