Tomorrow is another day!

A new year, a new start……and perhaps God willing a new career!

Imagine my surprise last Monday when a young gentleman phoned me out of the blue asking if  I was interested in a particular job he thought might well be suitable for me. He had seen my CV on-line at CV Library and was impressed by my credentials!! On telling him yes, once he had given me the details, he said he would get back to me…hopefully with an interview. Imagine my surprise when he phoned me back four days later with a job interview for tomorrow afternoon at 4.00pm because the company also liked the information on my CV.

This has of course left my mind racing, and some what anxious…..but having said that right now I feel fairly calm, and I have come to the conclusion I can only do my best. Confidence doesn’t even come into it at the moment! Knowing what my job capabilities and work  record and experience is…. is one thing…..being able to sell yourself to any new prospective employer is something else.

Bearing in mind this will be my first ever job interview in just over 20 yrs, and I know things have changed. I’ve done my ‘homework’ and learnt a little about the company involved (although until these last few days I have to admit I had never heard of them before, but the more I read up on them the more I like the sound of them.) For obvious reasons at this stage I am unable to divulge the name of the company or any information about them. I have made notes, have written down questions etc etc…..and I suppose realistically I am prepared at this stage as I will ever be……..but after all tomorrow is another day.

I have to admit I never expected for one single moment I would be getting a job interview this soon after being made redundant from my last job, and to be perfectly honest I don’t imagine I will for one single minute get the job…….that isn’t pessimism creeping in….that is just being realistic. Positivity  is one thing but when it comes to this type of situation in this day and age one has to be realistic as every day you hear stories about the availability of jobs, and the number of people who go after them only to be bitterly disappointed they never get them. So I am keeping an open mind about the whole situation, and even if I don’t get the job it will be a learning curve for me on the rights and wrongs of job interviews, and what to expect in the future. But one thing is certain….one has to hope and one has to try to be positive.


Searching for a new job/career has to start somewhere, and the start of the new year is a good a place as any.


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One thought on “Tomorrow is another day!

  1. CV Library is great. After the initial upload of my CV, every time I did an update, I would get calls from agencies asking if they could submit me for certain jobs. I found regular updating was necessary, as after a week or so the phone would go quiet again. I must say congratulations to you, if the company already like the information on your CV, you are much more likely to be in with a chance of getting the job. There is certainly a lot of competition for jobs but what employers don’t like to reveal, is there are a lot of applicants that just won’t be suitable for an interview and even less that they interview and they feel should get the job. When I was interviewing as part of my management duties, I had to be fair and interview a range of people but there was usually one outstanding person, followed by a could be ideal second and sometimes a good third person, that I initially felt would be the most ideal to get the role, just be reading their CV, the others were just a possible or maybe. Believe in yourself totally and others will too, then it will be a case of, if you want their job. All the best and let me know how you get on.

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