Every picture tells a story!!

As most of my followers know I love animals and wildlife, and the opportunity to take photographs of birds and animals is a real bonus for me.

When I was a youngster (more years ago than I care to say)  I loved going to Dudley Zoo, and although I went there about 18 months ago, I thought it would be a good opportunity to go back there again this year at some point, and I did want to see how their endangered species breeding program was progressing. I hadn’t planned to go there yesterday, I just got on my bus into Birmingham and on reaching  Brum I saw the bus to Dudley and let instinct take over……and hence I ended up at the Zoo.

I have to admit it wasn’t the nicest of days weather wise, and I really didn’t know what animals I could expect to see in these dreary cold conditions, but it was a chance to explore and use my new camera which I upgraded last week, and in addition to that I knew it would be peaceful. And there is a certain pleasure in the peace and tranquility of a Zoo where you can hear individual animal sounds rather than the noises of screaming children.

After a recent conversation with someone I was asked the question…Do you really think photography is an art? It was an interesting  question. I would love to hear my readers/followers thoughts on this one. But in my own humble opinion I believe it is a form of art. So ok then one may not use pencils, inks, paints and paper to produce the final result of their finished product, but it still takes time, dedication, perseverance and an eye to detail to produce something which is memorable or long-lasting. Further more no two captures are exactly the same as each other, a slight change in light may cause  shifts in colours, or a slightly different angle, can show up something different from before  or even help people to see the picture from a different perspective. Further more I enjoy ‘raw photography’ and the only changes I have made to any of my photos are to crop them. My personal favourites are the Tigers, Snow Leopard and Red Pandas.

In recent months I have been exploring my abilities as an amature photographer to produce pictures that are a little different to the ‘norm’, something a little different from a quick capture. And like any piece of art work, I can look back on that and think about why I did that way, what made it so different for me personally. As the saying goes…’every picture tells a story’.

Yesterday on my visit to Dudley Zoo I was very fortunate to be able to get some captures at just the right angles, and rather than just get shots of animals from a distance, I was privileged to be at a reasonable but safe distance to be able to see their facial expressions, and body language, and see some of the antics they got up to. All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing day,( despite a fair bit of walking involved, but one has to keep the old creaking joints mobile)

Unfortunately some of these shots  were also taken behind glass viewing panels or through wire fences, which does sometimes spoil the quality of the photo, however it is important to remember that Dudley Zoo in their breeding programme to protect endangered and near extinct species do their upmost to protect us from the animals as well as the animals from us, and despite these animals being captive in a zoo their facilities and the well being of these animals is a vitally important part of the Zoo’s programme and the animals survival.

I have included a selection of my favourite captures from the day in this post today, and I very much hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them. Please feel free to look at the rest of this collection on my facebook page under Sue Westwood.

281 280 255 246 242 234 232 197 193 175 134 139 141 169 174 127 125 112 111 102 078 084 085 087 090 077 072 071 070 065 057 059 062 063 064 056 055 050 048 045 043 039 035 032 014 004 011 026 044

Many thanks for stopping by.

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