Out with the old, in with the new!!

Over the last few days I have had the time to reflect upon these past 12 months……and what an extremely mixed year 2012 has been,  not just for me, but I dare say for millions more out there.  If one had believed all the tabloid nonsense, then the world should have ended last week! But were still here and ready for the new year to arrive. And although this was not planned in any shape or form, my final posting for this year ends in a nice round even 100 entries on my blog.

The last part of this year, in many ways I suppose in a way I have ended up coming out on top,  rather than the dreadful start I had in the first quarter of this year. But if nothing else this year has taught me to not only look at my own negatives, but to also find my positives and inner strengths, some of which were waiting there to pop out at the right time but only now I have begun to realise I  lacked the courage to explore previously, probably because I was so scared and felt so insecure to make decisions which would affect me directly and instead of thinking each decision might or might not make a difference, I only believed that they would have a negative impact on my life. And whilst I appreciate its early days yet, I don’t regret for even one single moment my decision in taking my early release from  work on grounds of compulsory redundancy.  Although I still have a great deal to ‘adjust’ to. A few more months would have given me just that little bit more financial stability perhaps, but nothing else…..after all the end result would have been the same.

I believe now I have given myself the chance to take some time out, to get myself better mentally and physically. Even if it is only three or four months, it will give me the chance to explore possibilities, do things I have wanted to do for many years but just never gotten around to doing them. A very dear friend of mine C J often tells me how much I inspire her, but little does she know that it’s actually the other way around. This lady has had  so much in her life to contend with, on a personal, physical and mental health level and yet she still always manages to find the physical determination and strength, and always finds a smile and a hug when we meet up for a coffee and chat.  She truly amazes me, and she makes me laugh….a lot. And I have to say there are very few people who can do that for me. Our friendship has given me a new outlook on life, and for that I am  truly thankful.

My only plans are for the next couple of months are to enjoy myself, get out and do some photography, something that I have unfortunately not been able to do for these past few weeks, visit and explore new places (all this weather and health permitting of course) if not then I have plenty of art and craft projects to try to focus my mind on. None of this will prevent me  from looking for that new all important job, just in case the right one pops up unexpectedly. But the events of 2012 has  played a major part in my decision to finally take that little time out, and sit back and enjoy the things in life that really do count……my family, friends and the pursuit of happiness.

There are many uncertainties that lie ahead of me in this coming year, as there are for all of us. No one can predict the path they have to travel, each and every day will be different, some days will be good, others not so good. But I have begun over this past year to actually understand that what so ever happens does so for a reason, although we cannot understand it at the time that it happens. And as strange as this may sound, I have begun to appreciate this year to accept and encompass the bad things that have happened in my life, because only then can I truly appreciate the good things when they happen and to fully understand the difference.

Strange as this may actually sound I don’t have any actual set plans for the year ahead, because by following the plans, and plotting your own path that when things do go wrong and the disappointment sets in then it only makes it harder to deal with the fallout. So I have decided only a couple of things will happen, yes, I will find a new job, I will make every effort to have a holiday to Scotland as I have wanted to do for so long, and yes I want to devote more time to doing the things I enjoy doing such as photography and art. Apart from that I will have to wait and see what life has to offer me, and take each and every day as it comes and make the most of it. So look out 2013 here I come!!


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my fellow bloggers and readers of  Day By Day, a very happy, healthy, prosperous and fulfilling time in the year ahead. I hope all your dreams turn out the way you want them to, and that each and every one of you finds the happiness and contentment that  we all so deserve. I would also like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continued support in reading and commenting in my blog, and hope that I can continue to keep you all interested in the year ahead.


A very Happy New Year to each and everyone one of you.

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