The Moon’s a balloon…….and a big colourful one at that!!

How often  does one find the the time or even the interest to stop and look at the moon properly?

We see a big round balloon shape, may be notice the craters along the moons surface or see the glow around it, and when the moon is out in all it’s full glory  then come all the usual  jokes  that it’s a full moon tonight and that means  strange things happen at the time of the full moon, werewolves and all that…I’m sure you get the  idea.

The past  couple of nights (and this morning) I have been fascinated by the appearance of the moon, not just the moon itself but the immediate sky around it. With winter getting a grip  in the UK these past couple of weeks, it means of course  bitterly cold  early mornings and nights, and that creeping frost. So of course with that comes the clearer skies.

I learnt something new tonight on my way home from work. I couldn’t resist stopping and taking a few photos, the sight before me was beautifully stunning, as I did stop a guy came to my side and commented that what I was seeing was a rare sight. I think he must be a science teacher or something similar. But he briefly explained  to me that  what I was seeing  around the moon and  in the moons reflection and  the rainbow to the side of it was the  actual formation of ice crystals.  All a bit to technical for me……all I knew was that it was a beautiful sight and one worth capturing on camera.

Anyway,  hope you like the  photos.

Thanks for stopping by.


3 thoughts on “The Moon’s a balloon…….and a big colourful one at that!!

    • Hi Sandra, thank you once again for my lovely award. Sorry I’ve not been able to reply sooner……but as you can see from my latest post tonight, such a lot has been happening. One of my plans over the coming months is to learn more about how to work my computer, and as soon as I know how to do it I will be proudly showing my awards.


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