On a mission…….webs on the web!!

On my way  to a hospital appointment this morning, before going into work, I set myself a little task, with of course my trusty little camera.

When I woke up this morning and opened the curtains I noticed how incredibly  foggy it was outside……..the first real ‘pea souper’ of a fog this year. And despite the low visibility there are still some incredible things to be seen. I’m talking of course about nature.

As some of  my friends know I hate spiders, in fact I have a distinct fear of them. This all goes back to a very unfortunate incident with a spider on my face  in bed when  I was a child. Going in to a cold sweat, hands and legs  trembling  and the hairs on the back of my neck  standing up is no exaggeration   ( I often wonder if the hairs on the back of their legs stand up when they see me!) I’m not quite sure what it is about  spiders, perhaps  it’s their weird-looking bodies and long spindly legs,  their agility and ability to dart across a floor, wall or ceiling before you can blink an eye. ……urghhh!  And even though I fear   them, I can’t help but admire them to a point.  Anyway whatever the reason I  always try to avoid going anywhere  near them if possible. If they are in my flat, they are invading my space (sorry to say to all you spider lovers out there, but if they are in my territory I’m afraid they get the boot…..literally, the heel of my boot!!) However, if they are outside in their own territory as long as they stay out there I don’t have a problem with them and just avoid going anywhere  close to them if I see them in the vicinity, when ever I’m working in the garden if I see a big un…….I wait until its moved well away from me before continuing  with my gardening.

Having said all that, it marvels me as to the design of the spider’s web, it really is an incredible piece of  architecture, and a genius way to catch  any predators such as flies and other insects. And despite my hate of spiders, their webs really are  incredibly  beautiful  structures. On days like these, with the fog comes a dew like atmosphere, and this really is the best way to see the intricate details of its web  design.  And it’s so fantastic how  every  single droplet of water holds fast to the web strands. Who needs a computer to design a web!!

I have to say,  without seeing any spiders, I did see quite a few webs, all shown up by the water drops and I was able to safely take a few pictures. I  even found some hanging  from the edge of the roof of a bus stop. I wonder if it was waiting for the same bus as me!!

Hope you enjoy  them.

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