Happy 1st Birthday Day By Day.

Yes indeed its one year ago since I logged myself on to wordpress.com and created my very own blog……..and what a year this has been! But what is more important is that after this past year on a roller coaster ride, that 1 year on I am still here and still blogging and still able to share  the ups as well as the downs with my steadily increasing followers and readers.

Am I a survivor or am I a fighter? I don’t know, but I will let you work that one out for yourselves!  May be a littler bit of both in there somewhere?

Initially I suppose really I started Day By Day as a way of communicating with other people who like myself have suffered depression and anxiety who recognise some if not all the pitfalls of this illness,  and I wanted to show how you can turn your life around and start to enjoy it again, but I also wanted  the  opportunity to reach out to others who have total misconceptions about depression. I do hope in some small way I have managed to do just that and make them realise that we are not weak people, but in actual fact we are normal people who suffer an illness that turns your life upside down and can have devastating consequences.

The  last 2 years  have been a major roller coaster ride for me.   At the start of this year my life took another dramatic turn in a backward direction but throughout the year I have gradually come to terms with my illness through regular medication, the help of my GP and a Counsellor,  C B T , and a very small group of friends who themselves have an understanding of this illness, and by also having  the chance to do things and believe in myself again. I’m not going to kid myself or any of my readers and say that I have done it all on my own.  The increased level of medication has played a major part in getting myself back on a more even keel these past few months as has having a small band of true friends and family members who understand  what has been happening to me over these past few years.

The summer of 2011 was  a turning point in my life, someone who I  unfortunately no longer   have contact with made me see and understand that I shouldn’t  be ashamed of myself for suffering a ‘mental illness’ she made me realise that there is a way back.  and for that I will always be grateful to her.  And I believe this year I have made enough progress to help others see that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. The first step is to admit to yourself there is a problem, and you need and want help and to seek  the right medical help from you own GP or as a first step  seek the advice  of The Samaritans. No one has ever said it was going to be easy, but it is the first step in the right direction and with the right help put in to place, you can turn your life around for the better again. It takes time, but it is not impossible.

As my mind has become more opened up again, I have been able to do a lot more than I  believed I ever possibly could again. This year I had my first holiday in almost 12 years. I have picked up my camera and started my passion of photography again,  it has given me the confidence to join a camera club on  Facebook  and  showcase some of my work (Facebook Camera Club International)  In addition to this I have been able to  created my own art and craft work page  on FB which I share with other  friends who also suffer depression, but have incredible  artistic  talent, we share ideas, comments and inspiration.  Yes I still have other  health issues on a physical level that I will have to battle with, and yes I will be losing my job next Spring, but what I can’t  do is to believe that this is everything in  my life  that counts. Over these past few months my camera has played a very big  part in my recovery, it has encouraged me to get out and about and visit different  places, it has helped me regain some of my lost confidence which I honestly believed I would never get back, it has given me the opportunity to move around crowded areas as well as spend some time on my own in peaceful and  idyllic surroundings, and it has helped me to appreciate some of the simple things in life that are available to us all. It has also given me the chance to create some  memories to look back on in the future and remind myself that should I ever find myself going under again that these were better times…….and  that they can  and will happen again. I’ve  made  time to stop and smell the flowers!

I sincerely hope that  I can continue to  interest my fellow bloggers and followers, but I also, more importantly want to show you and others there is most certainly a way forward.


Thanks for stopping by.


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