Magical weekends!!

The weekend is up on us again, and today I have some time on my hands (not working this Saturday -:)  So  I have decided to get out with my camera. (watch this space!!!) The weather is still very pleasant for this time of year and there is still so much I want to achieve before the winter months set’s in and take a hold.

The autumn scenery brings as much pleasure to me as the summer scenery, all the different cascades of colours showing so vibrantly, before the cold sharp frosty winter mornings make their appearance.

Last week I was fortunate to be able to see a local art exhibition, one which a very dear friend of mine, had a piece on display. On leaving the exhibition we were able to stop and chat for a few minutes to one of the organisers. As it turns out this lady herself has suffered depression, and loves art and photography. During our brief conversation, something she said to me has stuck in my mind all week. She hit the nail on the head when she said to me that you know your are in a good place when you can and do appreciate the beautiful things around you and don’t just take stuff for granted, and you care about things. You start to notice the good things as well as the bad.

A  journey and visit I have been hoping to do for a while is very much ‘on the cards’ to do today. Whilst many will be finding the time to catch up on the weekly shopping, visiting friends and relatives, household chores and many getting ready for the football match to go and watch their favourite team in action, I have decided to get out amongst this green and pleasant land of ours.

Getting out and about and amongst nature has made a big huge difference to my recovery these past few months. This past couple of weeks having been restricted to nursing a flare up of sciatica and suffering from an awful cold, I know feel well enough to tackle today’s little adventure……..full steam ahead!!

It’s understandable that so many of us find that after a week at work, we look forward to doing something we love to do over our weekends. With most we can disband with any work worries or cares  for a day or two and follow something that brings enjoyment and even enlightenment…….helps us to relax and unwind to prepare ourselves for the week ahead, whatever it has to throw at us.





The little cares that fretted me,

I lost them yesterday,

Among the fields above the sea,

Among the winds at play;

Among the lowing of the herds,

The  rustling of the trees,

Among the singing of the birds,

The humming of the bees.


The foolish fears of what may happen,

I cast them all away

Among the clover scented grass,

Among the new mown hay;

Among the husking of the corn,

Where drowsy poppies nod,

Where ill thoughts die and good are born

Out in the fields with God.


Elizabeth Barrett Browning

(March 1806 – June 1861)

We all care about something so why not make this the weekend to do something you care about. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.



One thought on “Magical weekends!!

  1. It’s difficult to find educated people for this subject, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks


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