A little bit of Paradise in the city!!

On Saturday last, I had a perfect opportunity to go out for the day and do something I have wanted to do for many years, but for one reason or another just never got around to doing it.

It gave me two opportunities really, the first was to go and see a little bit of paradise in the centre of  Birmingham, and the second to do some photography……..which for me  personally, was the perfect day along with the company of my dear friend CJ. It’s very hard to imagine this little bit of paradise is situated so close to a main road in and out of a  major busy and hectic city centre.

Despite the recent poor weather conditions throughout the UK, it seems that the day we chose to take this trip, the sun smiled on us…..literally. It really was a perfect time of the year to visit this little gem of the horticultural world, just as the autumn colours are coming to life.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is situated in Edgbaston, Birmingham. It houses some incredible plants and shrubs from Europe and all around the world, including the tropics. This of course means a large number of their exhibits are inside heated green-houses. In addition to this they have a superb bird aviary, an inside and outside pond with Koi carp, lovely lush green lawns for picnicking on in the warm summer months. Their Pavilions Restaurant, serves a very good, although a limited choice of  cooked food and sandwiches/rolls, and drinks.

There is a play area for young children, and in addition to all this they have a little shop where you can buy plants, and they have excellent facilities for the disabled, and it is very easily accessible via wheelchairs and scooters.

However I don’t want to bore any one with my version of the ‘details’, but you can find out a lot more on their website                             http://www.birminghambotanicalgardens.org.uk


Even for this time of the year, the outside gardens are still a blaze of stunning bright colours of various blooms, and there is just so much to see. With our cameras at the ready, CJ and I just couldn’t resist photographing the flora, birds, trees and …..well almost everything we could see!!

I have to admit I did take over 750 photos, however when you go through them and find ones that are not just quite right, or not of the quality you expect, then you do end up deleting a fair few. I did manage to get my album down to about 500 photos. Obviously I can’t put all those on the slide show, so I have narrowed it down…..a little bit….to a mere  150. 🙂 and I do hope that my efforts of the flowers, scenery and birds have done them all justice in the way I have captured them. The birds were a little more difficult to capture, mainly because of getting the camera lenses close up to the cage bars without actually photographing the metal bars themselves………and because the birds kept moving and flying around, (if only they had sat still and behaved themselves for the photo shoot!!….ha ha.)

If any one does wish to see more photo’s of this fantastic day out, please feel free to look at my face book page…… Sue Westwood….where I have posted  them all, and they are available for all public viewing.


I do hope you enjoy seeing the slide show, as much as I enjoyed taking these photographs.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thanks for stopping by.

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