Forgive and forget?

On occasions I have been asked the question ‘can you forgive and forget’?  In fact I was asked this very question only yesterday.

It’s a difficult question for many to answer, but  I guess it’s one that many would harbour grudges and categorically so ‘ no’  to.  For many it would also have a lot to do with weighing up the reasons and the outcome and the effect something has upon their lives.   But ultimately in my mind I have always asked myself the same question over and over again….”what is the point  of holding a grudge, what is the point of not forgiving anyone?”

We are after all only human, and lets face it we all make mistakes in our lives, no one is perfect. But the most important fact to remember is by holding onto a grudge, any grudge,  it will eat away at you and your emotions and well-being, and hold you back from progressing with your life.

Learning to forgive is not easy, but it’s not impossible either. Life is too short!!

Forgetting what has happened….well that’s something completely different!! But one can learn from it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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