Make today count!

I enjoy reading poetry and inspirational verses when I get the chance, more of the classical than the modern. Although I must admit these past summer months have given me the opportunity to get outdoors more with my camera, and so has left me with very little time to sit and read any books, or do any art/craft work.

However with Autumn now well on its way, and the nights getting darker earlier and quicker and that more recently I have been battling fatigue, it means of an evening I’m spending more time indoors and am trying therefore to use the time catching up on some reading  poetry and such, and also doing a little sketching/drawing.

For me poetry is a form of expression, I can sometimes find a poem that ‘fits my mood’ for that particular day, I can liken a poem to the sort of day I have had….in other words, the words of the poem ring true to how that particular day has been for me. Some days I still feel  very low, and then there are days I feel good.  Other days, I don’t feel any level of emotion one way or the other, but continue to plod on regardless just sensing and knowing there is always something better around the corner. That in mind the inspirational verse that I found today, I feel is really appropriate for the sort of mixed day I have had today.

Look Well To This Day.

Look well to this day

For it and it alone is life,

In its brief course

Lies all the essence of your existence.

The Glory of Growth,

The Satisfaction of Achievement,

The Splendour of Beauty.

For yesterday is but a dream,

And tomorrow is but a vision.

But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness,

And every tomorrow is a vision of hope.

Anonymous, 50 B.C.

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