Up North!

For years I have always wanted to visit North Yorkshire but never really had the chance and so never got around to it……until last week that is.

I can still vividly remember many years ago watching the television series ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, which was a regular  BBC series that ran from 1978  to 1990,   and was based on the life of James Alfred Wight  as a vet in the Yorkshire Dales in the late 1930s and 40s………better known to many of us by his pen name of James Herriot.

Sunday nights I used to look forward to sitting down to watch this fascinating programme. It held so much enjoyment not just because the stories were about animals, and various colourful human characters, ( including Mrs Pumfrey and Trickiwoo!) but also because of the beautiful scenery and the way of life the Yorkshire Dales had to offer. I often said to my Mom and Dad I would love to visit Yorkshire when I’m older.

As I did get older I visited on several occasions up North, many different places in Scotland, but still never went to Yorkshire or its surrounding countryside, or come to that any other part of the North, of which there are several other places I would love to visit including Newcastle  in addition to other various parts of Yorkshire.

A few weeks ago, whilst looking through the brochure of a local  coach company (Johnson Coaches) I came across a selection of their day trips, one place in particular stood out for me. It offered the combination of seeing some of the N.Yorkshire scenery on route to the seaside town of Scarborough, as well as having a 4 to 5 hour stay in Scarborough. Having recently had a bit of a taste for the seaside because of my week in Devon, I wanted to spend some more  time at the seaside, more than anything I suppose to keep my interest in travelling alive, and thus giving me the inspiration to go on holiday again hopefully next year. With the Autumn and Winter months now approaching, time played a significant part in my decision to go there for the day whilst we still had the lovely weather to enjoy it.

In addition to this my friend CJ with whom I went to Devon with didn’t have the chance to get down on to the beach at Westward Ho! because of the poor accessibility for disabled people to actually get onto the beach. I did promise her however that we would get her to paddle in a sea at some point, and get a little sand between her toes!

The journey to Scarborough last Tuesday was very relaxing and enjoyable, the weather was perfect and as we approached N.Yorkshire the scenery, even from the motorway was stunning. Unfortunately travelling on the motorway at a high-speed didn’t give us much chance to take any photos 😦        But I can say that the scenery was a beautiful patchwork of  fields and woodlands, all different shades of green, with rivers and lakes, plenty of sheep and cattle leisurely grazing., as well as massive fields of outdoor reared pigs and their piglets. And as the hymn so reminds us, this was part of…England’s green and pleasant land!

We arrived in Scarborough just before midday, the sun out in all it’s glory,and a perfect warm temperature. The town  was bustling with holiday makers and other day visitors,  and what greeted us as we walked along the sea front was the wonderful aroma of traditionally cooked Yorkshire style fish and chips done in beef dripping. The aroma was just too tempting, so as it was lunchtime what else could we do but take up the invitation of fresh caught Scarborough fish and locally grown spuds prepared and cooked in the traditional way. I have to say it was delicious.

The next stage of our plan was to finally get CJ down on to the beach and have a little paddle, with her trusty crutches in hand we safely got to the edge of the sea , without actually sinking into the sand. The temperature  of the water was cold but pleasant. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay there long, as it was a fairly decent walk back across the beach to the South harbour for the next part of the visit…….a boat ride out to sea to seal island. However, having reached the harbour we were advised that the because a strong northerly wind had swept up within the last half an hour or so it meant it would be too risky and dangerous to take us so close to the rocks where the seals could be seen. But it still meant the chance of a very pleasant boat trip at sea to take in that fresh sea air, and also the chance to see Scarborough and the land from the sea itself.

The next hour was spent sailing around the south bay and back, but alas we didn’t get to see any of the seals. But I have to say the views from the water in all directions were stunning, and despite the boat rolling side to side and the waves lashing up the side of the boat it didn’t spoil the enjoyment. Plenty of time to take some more  photos. 🙂

Reaching land again, it was time for a coffee break before trying one of the most delicious locally made flavoured ice creams, and then time to make our way back towards the harbour and coach pick up point for 5pm, we did however have plenty of time to take even more photos 🙂  of the harbour, boats and the birds and I must say the gulls were very friendly.

The long but relaxing journey back home was again on the motorway, but this time CJ and I challenged ourselves to take some photos of the rich coloured sunset sky, through the coach window, an opportunity we just couldn’t let go by.

All in all it was a great day out, and one I would love to do again, perhaps even  the chance to spend a week out there up north and have the chance to tour around the countryside and see more of the green countryside of N.Yorkshire and its neighbouring towns, the little bit of the countryside  that we did see on Tuesday reminded me so much of James Herriots Yorkshire Dales.

I look forward to returning there sometime I hope  in the not too distant future.

Here are a selection of (90) photos I took on Tuesday, hope you enjoy them, and many thanks for stopping by.

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