River boat and swan song!

I was able to take  another trip to Stratford Upon Avon the other weekend, this time the weather was much calmer and kinder than my last visit a few weeks ago, when the river was so swollen, and it rained consistently throughout the day.

This time around it meant  my friend CJ and I could spend more time out in the fresh air……with our camera’s of course clicking merrily away.

It was good to get out in the fresh air and warm sunshine for a day with the company of a lovely friend, and for us both to enjoy the scenery and relax.

Two days after I had returned to work after my weeks holiday in Devon, I felt as though I hadn’t  been away at all. The same pressures of work were there when I returned, I suppose realistically I never expected anything to change……I just hoped things would be a little bit better. And I had also hoped I would return with a new energy and vitality to see out the last few months of my job. Ummmm….some hope!

As a result of this, I have made the decision to try to get out somewhere each weekend if I am not working, being kind to yourself is actually easier than I though it would be. I set myself  the challenge to overcome large crowded areas, which so far has had success. Going out and doing something I enjoy immensely has helped me to achieve this. At the same time however I have days that I do like to go somewhere quieter and less crowded…this all helps to keep my interest in photography alive.

As I have mentioned before in my previous blog pages, I have come to appreciate more and more the chance to get out and about with my camera. Even if it’s just half  an hour  or so by my favourite stretch of canal. With the changes in the weather, and some days the increase in flora along the towpath, no two days are exactly the same, and so no two pictures are exactly the same.

Like wise with Stratford, this time around more flowers were in bloom, the river boats were out and about taking passengers back and forth up the river. The sun on the water is far more pleasant than the rain, but the brightness helps show up the reflections on the water. As an ideal place to shoot the birds ( not literally) and flora and other scenes, it makes it an ideal day out. I love to watch the Swans glide across the water, they have to be one of the most elegant creatures put on this earth.

With plenty of shops nearby, and so many different places to have a bite to eat, there is something there  to suit everyone’s tastes and pockets.  There are many historical buildings to visit, including a regular open top bus ride, where you can hop on and off at several places along the route. The place I look forward to spending time at on my next trip, is Mary Arden’s  house and gardens.

Having enjoyed a delicious light lunch at the Pen and Parchment, situated close to the river, we were able to get on a boat for a ride up and then back down the River Avon, taking in the lovely views, watching people boating on the river, or fishing, and picking out which house along the river I would love to own if I ever won the lottery…… (one has to have a dream or two!)

Considering the fact we didn’t venture off very far and stayed in more or less the same area, we had a great time and saw a great deal. Thank you to CJ for spending the day with me, and making it such fun and so enjoyable.

Below are a selection from some of the numerous photo’s I enjoyed taking. I hope you like them.

Thanks for stopping by.

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