Dramatic sky!!

As some of my readers may be aware from previous post and photos, I love to capture what I call a ‘dramatic sky’.

By this I mean a section of sky that look a little out of the ordinary……usually it is because of the colours or patterns formed in the clouds. As a youngster I remember playing a game, especially in the school summer holidays, when I used my imagination to pick out the shapes of cloud formations and guess what it looked like to me………I’m sure this is something we have all done in the past (whether or not some will care to admit it!)  Often we would see clouds that looked like the shape of say an animal, butterfly, building or even a car. My favourite was the dragon look……only  cute ones of course!  And no two clouds ever looked the same.

As I have got older and grew out of this activity,  (not really, but I won’t say anything if you won’t) I have still found a fascination in the cloud formations, and as a result enjoy a photo opportunity. It’s all about capturing that particular moment in time.

On Monday of this week, as I left my flat to go round to the bus stop to start my journey  to work at around 5.30 am, the colour in the sky caught my eye and made me get my camera out of my bag (never leave home without it now, I class it as part of my daily essentials)

I suppose you could class it as an unusual sunrise, not having much time before my bus was due, I just managed to get a couple of quick shots in. It looked as though the sky was on fire, but what a gorgeous glow. Such vibrant colours and patterns.

Later on Monday evening as I was leaving work at 8pm,  the sky again caught my eye. I wouldn’t normally see the sky over Birmingham at this time,  so it was a rare opportunity for me to see a sunset over the city. With camera in hand, I just had to take a few shots. Standing by my favourite spot looking across the canal I was able to see the setting sun behind some tall buildings situated in near Aston.

At first glance I have to admit that it looked like the buildings were on fire, and this was thick billowing smoke pouring out across the sky ( I can assure you however this was not any buildings on fire)

Not to be outdone the night sky decided to have some drama also when I reached home an hour or so later.

The chances of seeing a dramatic sky on any day is really impressive, but morning evening and night ……all in the same day, just how unusual is that?

It is something I enjoy photographing, and as long as mother nature offers these colourful and dramatic skies, I will continue to capture them.

If you see it and like it….. then why not capture it!

Thanks for stopping by.


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