If you see it and like it then capture it!

On Sunday morning I was able to get out and about again for a couple of hours in the lovely warm sunshine with my camera. I think the British summer has actually finally arrived…….but as is the norm, our summers only last a few days at a time. So don’t blink or you may miss it!

A couple of months back, I set about making myself some challenges…….nothing too big too soon, but enough to keep me ticking over to help my recovery process. It’s about being kind to myself and getting involved in the hobbies I love doing and want to continue to pursue, thus keeping my interest alive and ultimately being more positive now in order to cope with the future and what lies ahead of me. I dare say to some…….that may seem like a bit of a strange concept. But if you can do positive things, this can ultimately increase your positive thoughts.

I find photography stimulating and at the same time very relaxing and to a degree very challenging. Over the last couple of months I have been practising doing close-ups on my ‘wildlife and nature subjects’ by using the Macro facility on my Fuji bridge camera.

The best way to practise using this facility on the camera, for me,  is to get out and about more often, visit places of natural beauty and interest. Apart from spiders, which I have a fear of, I can pride myself on being able to get up close to almost any other insect, creature or animal…….providing of course they allow me too. In addition to this I love to capture our simple British flora, including wild flowers, and any beautiful scenery……..especially if it concerns being by water.

In my teen years I enjoyed spending time at two adjoining parks in my home town of  Solihull……Malvern and Brueton. For some unknown reason I stopped going there many years ago, but last year during the summer I decided to pay it a visit and have a look at the Parkridge  centre nature reserve which is situated in the middle of Brueton park. The reserve is about 5.5 acres of natural beauty and is run by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. It has its own little lake, which in itself is really quite a beautiful sight surrounded by all the various species of trees. My visit there in the summer last year inspired me to take up photography again.

My visit their yesterday was just as inspiring and enjoyable.  The glorious blaze of so many bright and vivid colours just makes you want to capture everything you possibly can on camera. So if you see it and like it….then why not capture it!  There were so many different wild flowers, plants, insects and  trees and general scenes to photograph. Without realising it at the time, but when I checked later it seems I had ended up taking over 400 photos. However I don’t wish to bore anyone with that many, so I have made a selection which I hope you enjoy seeing.

Thanks for stopping by.


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