Family pride.

There aren’t many occasions when I can say that I feel proud about something, or someone elses achievement(s). However, last Saturday 23rd June, I had the privilege of watching two of my cousins…..Ellen and Andy, and a family friend Andrew abseil town a tall building ‘The Birmingham Mailbox’ for a very worthwhile cause.

For some, like myself, heights are very terrifying,and there is no way on this planet I could ever do what my cousins and friends did last week. You couldn’t even get me upon that roof and look down, let alone dangle on the end of a rope, swinging and swaying.

I did feel a little unsteady looking up and watching them come down…….and my feet were firmly planted on the ground.

However, I am very happy to say that everyone made it down safely, and made a lot of money in the process for their chosen charity

So well done to Ellen, Andy and Andrew…….so very proud of you all for being so brave.

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