Don’t like Mondays……..

…….normally I don’t like Mondays. But then who does?

However this Monday was a bit of an exception. As my regulars know, I have been keeping a watchful eye on the Canadian geese on the canal at work.

One of the male geese (who I named a couple of months ago as Perky) is a bit of a regular visitor to where I fish, and never hesitates to come right up below me, giving me a pitiful look….begging for his bread. He is easily recognisable from the rest of the flock, due to a deformity on his breast….and also by his cheeky behaviour. If I don’t give him his bread immediately he goes to the tip of my fishing pole and starts tapping it with his beak and then his head. The majority of the time these past few weeks he has been appearing on his own

Last week however, he didn’t seem his usual perky self. For a day or two I did get a little worried, he seemed to spread himself out on the wall, a little further up the canal to his usual patch, and I wondered if he was unwell…….or just basking in the sunshine. He even paid no attention to the bread I threw him.

On Saturday when I went into work, I popped out to feed the birds at lunch time and Perky was nowhere to be seen. Even when I whistled him…… response, which was very unusual.

Monday morning, as it was such a bright sunny morning I chose to go and do an hours fishing before starting work…………so as to try to relax myself for the usual Monday morning mania.

After a few whistles and calls, I heard the usual deep-throated noise Perky makes on his approach to me……..and in addition to this I heard some little squeaking sounds.

I had the surprise of my life!!

Coming towards me with his other half (Pinky) was Perky and right smack bang in between them both was this beautiful golden ball of fluffiness. The most cute looking gosling ever.

All had now become apparent…….Perky had become a daddy….and boy did he look proud!  I waited for the appearance of more goslings……but alas there were no more.

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Now I knew why Perky had been acting so strange a few days earlier. I could see this little one was really lively, and both the parents had got their work cut out looking after him…or her.

Several other of the geese also turned up for their feeding after my whistling them, and straight away as they came towards me for the bread, Perky starting showing them who was the boss……..and duly starting chasing them away, obviously protecting his little one.

Fingers crossed this little one will survive the coming weeks whilst it is so small, but I’m sure mom and dad will keep an ever watchful eye on their baby, and protecting it as best they can. Obviously the odds are in their favour as they only have to keep an eye on the one and not half a dozen.

What a lovely way to start  a Monday morning.

Thanks for stopping by.

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