Ethans gift.

A change of direction today from my normal blog!
Today, I would like to take this opportunity to write about something that I would guess has an enormous impact on all our lives in one way or another, more so if you are a parent or a grandparent. Today  I want to write about giving a new  baby born with a heart defect, or a child who develops a heart condition……a chance to live, and to go on and lead a normal life.

So what is a normal life? We all have our own different opinions about what is a normal life for a child. To me, it is about giving a child, any child the opportunity to do what any child should be able do. Live their lives to the best, to grow up and learn and not be hindered by poor quality health, especially heart problems that left untreated can lead to all sorts of other problems  later in life. A lot of babies and toddlers never make it into childhood or beyond.

Every child has the right to grow up, to do and learn things that they want to do. They have the right to grow up and become adults, and consequently become parents and grandparents themselves. Children are the future.

Over recent months I have been following a particular website. This website is linked to a little boy who no longer is with us. Unfortunately, Ethan passed away at the age of just 3 yrs old from a heart defect that he was born with.

The reason I wish to highlight this story is because it has touched me on a more personal level than it would most people. Ethans parents and his grandparents  have been family friends for many years, in fact since we were all children. My cousins Jo and Michele are still very close friends to Ethans family. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet Ethan, he passed away three years ago, but in recent months I have been learning a fair bit about this incredible little fella and his battle with such a debilitating illness.

Ethan was born with a heart defect called Transposition of the Great Arteries. You can read more about this on Ethans web page

Ethansgift, is about giving other babies and children a chance to survive, and to go on and live a normal life. I don’t want to go into a great amount of detail myself about this wonderful charity, as I would like you to see and read for yourself the incredible story and the reasons behind all this.  The money that is being raised  is in aid of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH). It is one of the busiest paediatric hospitals in the UK,  and it is also recognised internationally. New pioneering techniques and  state of the art facilities will ensure babies and children will have the chance to survive, and go on to lead a normal life. Unfortunately little Ethan and many like him never had that chance.  So any donation……no matter how small, can make a huge difference to others lives.

If you would like to click on the link below, and go to Ethans webpage, you can read about one families determination to give others a chance. How something that was so devastating to all their lives, is now giving others hope. I do realise that a lot of my FB and blog readers and friends are unable to attend these fundraising activities, because of the problem of distance, but please try to support this very worthwhile charity by making a donation on-line.

Next Saturday 23rd June, as well as Andrew, Ethans dad, and a few others, two of my cousins Ellen and Andy  will be very bravely abseiling down the ‘Mailbox Building’ in Birmingham to  help raise more funds that are required, in order to carry out this incredible work at the BCH.  I of course will be there to sponsor, support and cheer them on……and of course I will feel privileged to take some photographs of the event and post them in my blog in the very near future.

Please do take a look at the web page   your support and donations will be greatly appreciated. It really is a very worthwhile cause, after all…………children are our future.

On behalf of Ethans family and friends and myself….thanks for stopping by.


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