Words unspoken….

Over the years I have often wondered at times how many of us out there have left words unspoken……things we would liked to have said to someone, may be a loved one, a family member or a friend.  Somehow at the time we couldn’t say it, whether we lacked the courage to say them, or whether it just didn’t seem right at that point in time and so kept putting it off for another day.  In a lot of cases that day never arrived, it became too late.

One of my biggest regrets is that with a couple of situations in my past, I was never able to properly ‘move on’ with my life…….probably because situations at the time were left unresolved. A relationship I had with a boyfriend many years ago, he chose his career path and went to work abroad.  Things were never the same between us again, and then we lost touch…..but I never again had the chance to tell him how much I still loved him. Unfortunately, I found out a few weeks ago by a mutual friends letter that he had passed away earlier last year.  There were things between us were left unsaid.  Had I have had the chance or the opportunity to say things, to talk things through  and say what I needed to say then may be just may be some things would have been different in my life. There would have been ‘closure’ or a ‘satisfactory  ending’.  I do  believe that if people are unable to achieve this then it  is why so many people end up carrying so much baggage through their lives.

We all carry regrets through our lives, whether it be things we did or didn’t do or say to someone. My one biggest regret was not telling some of my deceased family members often enough how much I loved or appreciated them. I regret not telling my Mom before she died, often enough how much I loved her or appreciated her for all the things she had done for me over the years. More recently I  regret not being able to sit down and talk through the problems of a recent broken friendship.

We all  have so many words unspoken, so many regrets from our past. So next time you get the chance to say something to someone who you need to say it to, then don’t leave those words unspoken until its too late, say them, tell someone how much you love or appreciate them………..and have no regrets.


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