Film, camera and action…….part 2.

Having spent some of today at work ( my choice to do a few hours overtime) it was good to get away an hour early this evening and whilst the sun was still shining. I decided instead of going fishing, or straight home I would for a change go for a walk up the road and cross over to the other side of my favourite canal…..of course with my camera at the ready hoping to get a couple of photos. My photography these past couple of months has played an important and vital part in this recent stage of my recovery. It is something that I would highly recommend to any sufferer of depression or any other mental health illness.

I have to say the geese and their goslings were very obliging again for me today. In addition to this, I was very lucky again being in the right place at the right time, and was able to get a couple of worthwhile action shots. Unfortunately theese geese  don’t particularly like any cyclists that pass them by whilst they are grazing on the towpath……that was apparent by the hissing and flapping ( by the geese that is ….not the cyclists!!)

It’s good to see these babies have survived yet another week and are really thriving. They are  now getting quite big, and it is easier to see how their little wings are developing………and these little creatures are  getting bolder. They do make the most wonderful lawnmowers!!

I’m afraid I couldn’t decide to choose which selection of pictures to load to show all my readers…….so I have loaded them all. I do hope you enjoy watching the slide show.

Thanks for stopping by.

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