Remembering my Mom….

Over the weekend I was looking through a collection of my late mothers photos, which my father found last week tucked in an old tin at the back of one of  his wardrobes.  He said to me he had forgotten they were there and so pulled them out for me to have a look through.

I have developed a real interest in these old family photo’s over the year, which has helped me considerably to piece together some of my  past family history and a little more understanding of their background.

One of the pictures I was looking at showed my mother at school in the early 1940s, it made me smile. I remembered my Mom over the years as ‘growing older’, and very rarely had the opportunity to see pictures of her at such a  young age. Back in the 1940’s, photo’s were still in black and white, but photography studios had developed a way of  ‘adding colour to pictures’.

I chose to share this picture  with my readers tonight mainly because it would have been my Moms 86th birthday today, and I wanted to in a way ‘celebrate her younger days’ and not just the past birthdays as I remembered her, but also the difference she made in my life.

There is a lot of history in my family, which I am gradually learning about little by little. I never knew my birth mother, she passed away in 1968 when I was three, almost four years old. Apart from my father and brother I know of no other living blood relatives. After spending some time in a children’s home after my Moms death, my father met and fell in love with one Beryl Edkins who became our housemother in the childrens home at the time, and they then married. Because of this we then became part of a big family of aunts and uncles and cousins and great cousins.  Like my new stepmom they all accepted us with their hearts, and I have been very fortunate to grow up with and be part of a very large and loving family. Realistically my ‘stepmom’ was to me my real Mom because I never knew her as anything but that. I mentioned this in a previous blog….but I do believe there is a very special bond between a mother and a daughter, and today has been one of those days to reflect upon those past birthday memories and good memories of my Mom.

Happy Birthday Mom……23rd May 1926 — 29th April 2001.

Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all………Alfred Lord Tennyson.


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