Quackers ahoy!

When I had my ten minute morning coffee break on Friday, I popped outside to feed the geese and ducks …..as I usually do, and to try to get a few photo’s again. On my way out, one of my colleagues said to me ‘Sue, your ducks are waiting outside for you’. I chuckled to myself and thought, what an earth is she on about?

When I got outside I was amazed to find four ducks just sitting outside our warehouse door (one female and three males) obviously waiting in anticipation of being fed……they obviously knew what time of day it was and couldn’t wait for me to go down to the canal, so instead to hurry things up they had waddled across the carpark and sat waiting outside the door for me.

This little lady is obviously very fussy about her suitor….choosing from three very handsome looking boys, but not quite making up her mind which one she is going to mate with. Who knows…in a few weeks time maybe the patter of a few more tiny webbed feet.

Anyway, being that close I couldn’t resist another photo opportunity. So here is Jemima Puddleduck and three proper little Charlie drakes!!!

In a space of just a few weeks I have managed to earn their trust, as only a few weeks ago they were very cautious on the water and kept their distance. Now however they appear to accept me as their friend, and have no hesitation in coming to me when I give the usual whistling call, and they were, like the geese within a few feet of me yesterday. It really is a great feeling to be this close to wildlife, especially with some of the amusing antics they get up to, and without the creatures actually becoming tame

Hope you like my shots, and thanks for stopping by.

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