Photo call……welcome little ones.

Carrying on from my blog last night, I was fortunate to be able to return to the canal again this evening for half an hour or so after finishing work, in the hope that I could try to get a few more action shots.

Instead though, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that  all the months of patience and perseverance has finally paid off. I have been going out to feed the geese and ducks each lunch/break time and before starting work each morning again these past few months with the hope of  getting them used to me as I did last year, they even respond to my whistling them. No sooner than they hear me whistle a particular call, then they respond to me by making a huge amount of noise and flying to where I am standing on the canal bank…with of course a loaf of bread at the ready.

Over the last few weeks I have been watching with a huge amount of patience and in trepidation for the first proper sighting of the recently hatched goslings to make their appearance into the big wide world. At the beginning of last week I had a very brief sighting of them all with their parents on the bank where they had been nesting. This evening I was finally rewarded with the appearance of six goslings under the watchful eyes of their proud parents, who very confidently ushered them up to me to show them off.

Nature is so wonderful and yet at the same time it can be so incredibly cruel. There are about six pairs of geese and three pairs of ducks nesting on the bank along the stretch of canal by where I work……..and I am hoping that like last year they all produce babies. Unfortunately though last year over a period of about three months a few of the goslings and ducklings died….either through attacks by rats, foxes or herons. In addition to this two  were unfortunately killed on the near by adjoining road by inconsiderate motorists. I’m hoping to do more fishing on this stretch of canal over the coming summer months and continue to feed my geese and ducks, so it’s a chance for me to keep an eye on them and to see how they thrive and develop. And of course I will be taking regular photos of them for my blog page, as they grow and develop before they move on. Hopefully they will return to this same stretch of water again next year and produce their own young.

It’s very sad to think though that this will be my last summer working by this canal and I wont see this same group again. In a sense  spending time around these creatures since last spring has been very therapeutic for me and has probably been the one most singular thing that has helped towards my recovery this past year. There is something very calming and soothing being by water and having these fascinating creatures around you, trusting in you, and sensing you will not harm them. This was proven earlier this evening when the little family of geese came to within a few feet of me.

I hope you enjoy the following pictures, and thank you for stopping by.

These are a few pictures I took earlier this evening.

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