Film, camera and action…

One of my hobbies that I find is very therapeutic and relaxing is photograpy. It’s the simple enjoyment and a sense of satisfaction of ‘getting up close and personal’ on the subject that I am trying to snap.

The opportunity of being by any waterside I find is in itself also very soothing and the watching wildlife in action can sometimes be very entertaining and therapeutic.  The past few days I have managed to take a little time out for some ‘me time’ again to do some photography  after my recent bad spell, and have combined the two and produced some rewarding shots.

Of course, a lot of wildlife photography is based on being in the right place at the right time, and being very patient. In addition to this I have been able to  build up some trust with a local flocks of geese and ducks over the past 18 months and this has  helped me considerably in my photography (as does having a bag of bread at hand!!) During my lunch breaks at work this past week I have spent some ‘me time’ at the canal bank with camera in hand hoping for the right opportunities to present themselves. Even the seagulls circling overhead and splashing about on the canal got in on the action, as did a friendly little blackbird who came up to me insisting on me sharing the bread with him.

In addition to the wildlife, I have also been able to get up close and personal with some of the wonderful aspects of nature, especially my local Hobs Moat woods. At the moment the trees are so full of beautiful pinks and white blossom, and some of the trees have  such a severe contrast of colours. This is what Spring is all about, the natural beauty around us and then captured on camera to be able to look at time and again.

Thanks for stopping by.

Here are a selection of my most recent photos……hope you enjoy.

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