Well…..what do you know!

I recently mentioned in my blog about my own lack of self-confidence, self doubts and low self esteem……..all of which have ‘plagued’ me over a number of years due to my depression. Feeling insecure in my life on many levels and being treated with contempt on occasions (all of which I should be used to by now)  has always played a major part in highlighting these negative emotions, and yet in some ways I do and should have reasons I suppose to see that these negative emotions are unfounded in some of  the  areas of my life.

I also mentioned in that same blog about my certificate to practise First Aid at work was due to expire, and didn’t feel that my current employment situation would ‘allow’ me to renew it, or for the short time I have left whether my employer would feel it would be a worthwhile investment in me by them.  However, a few days after mentioning this in my blog I was approached at work and asked if I wanted to go on a refresher course with the British Red Cross to renew my certificate. Our management had decided I was a worthwhile investment even for the short-term.

An extremely difficult decision for me  to make, simply because over the last three months my confidence and self-esteem has suffered in a big way and as a result,  in all honesty I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to have the ability or even the belief in myself to achieve this  qualification again. First aid isn’t just about me having the confidence to be there to help administer treatment, give comfort and preserve lives should the necessity arise, but it’s also about ‘the casualty’ having confidence in me to have the ability to help them. First Aid isn’t just about having a knowledge, it’s also about having an ability to put that knowledge into practise and being competent.

Going through the three days of training, then an assessment stage by fully qualified trainers and assessors is to say the least  a very daunting experience, and if you have self doubts about your owns capabilities this only adds fuel to the uncertanties…….not only at the retraining stage, but also using those skills in the future. If you can believe in yourself and get through the training and assessment then you are well on your way to achieving your goal.

My decision was to accept this challenge and go for it, after all I would never know if I could do it again if I didn’t try……..and so these past three days I have been on a course and have been sharpening my skills and retraining as a First Aider, and well….what do you know……..I actually passed again.

So, for the next three years I am again fully qualified to  carry out all level of First Aid duties in the workplace. Now all I’m going to need is a new job to go with this skill!

And I feel its only right at this stage that I should pass on my thanks not only to the great team of First Aid trainers and assessors from the British Red Cross that I met on this course……..but also to all the other members of the organisation who all do a most incredible job….not just here in the UK but all around the world.

For further information on the work this incredible organisation do please go to www.redcross.org.uk


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