We all deserve to be happy….

It’s a reasonable assumption that most people do things that makes them feel a ‘sense of happiness’…..it puts a smile on their face or makes them laugh,  it’s  that feel good factor.  Watching a football match, and seeing your team win. The birth of a newborn baby for the proud parents and grandparents. Any time of celebrating a special occasion……and so on.

There have been many times in my life in the past when I have had a ‘reason to be happy’.  But by nature I am also a very cautious person, probably because the happy occasions also get balanced out by the not so happy occasions……..but then that’s life after all.

Lets be honest……we all seek out our happiness by doing something that will make us feel that way. That feeling of happiness may only last a few minutes for some or it could go on for much longer….weeks, may be even months or years. But at the end of the day we ALL deserve to find happiness and hopefully hold on to it. Even in times of sadness, it’s always worth holding on to those good moments and remembering them. I have found in the past with my depression, that it denies me the chance to be happy, but I also find  that having real hope gives me that chance of being happy again.

It’s eleven years ago later this month that my mother passed  away from cancer. My last memories of her was holding her hand in her hospital bed as she slipped away and all those weeks of seeing her in hospital before that fateful day. It was without any doubt the saddest part of my life……..but there is never a day goes by that I don’t think of her and the happier times we spent together, and thinking about some of the things we used to do together and our little chats. It’s good to hold on to those happy memories. And I know one day I will find ‘true happiness’ once again.

Todays quote I think is very appropriate.



I hope all my readers find some happiness today and every day.

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