Really useful draw……

One of the things I like doing is collecting bit ‘n’ pieces, different items of interest. I have at home in my bedroom a draw which I call ‘my really useful draw’ I think in reality most of us have one of these. It’s one of those draw  that holds all sorts of useful information, or miniature gadgets……..something that we say to ourselves, that might come in useful one of these days.

My draw consists of newspaper articles, magazine clippings of quotes, recipes, information printed off websites and old calendars. Stuff that basically one day might inspire me to do something with. Some people on the other hand especially some men I know, have draws full of loose change, tools, screws, nuts and bolts, packets of seeds that are about ten years past their use by date, batteries that are fully depleted of energy, and of course items like pens that have run out of ink, which will never work again, but some men think as if by magic they will……so they hold on to them!

So this past week whilst  being at home convalescing with my poorly knee, I decided to go through this draw and sort some of the stuff out. I was actually looking for some inspiration to do on my art and craft work. The calendars gave me a great idea. I have several calendars which I decided to keep over the years, because at the time I thought I might have ago at sketching or painting my own version of the pictures. On each calendar, on the very back page there is a collection of miniature copies of what pictures the calendars hold inside, what you can expect to find on the pages of the calendar once you break the seal and open it up. As I haven’t felt in the mood to do watercolour painting for a while, I chose instead to use these little miniature pictures to create ATCs, experimenting with different series of cards, birds, baby animals, Scottish castles and rabbits. I intend to show all my ‘experimental work’ on my other blog in the next day or two. So please feel free to take a look at the blog called Art From The Start, (which is also on wordpress)

Anyway moving away from the art side of things, I found amongst all my stuff really old recipe cards and sheets torn out of old magazines, and loads of bits of paper with various different quotes on. Having nothing else to do, I started to read some of them and put them in to some tidy and orderly fashion. I kept them because they had some significant meaning at the time when I originally came across them . I came across two very interesting quotes on Wednesday, both unfortunately authors unknown, which is a great shame because given the chance I would like to shake their hands and learn more about their way of thinking……..after all a lot of what they say makes a great deal of sense.

One of the most noticeable things I have found or even learnt about depression, is especially  those who have never suffered it have a tendency to judge those that do, probably due to the fact that they have no real understanding of the illness, and most probably no real understanding of the individual person.  For a long time I saw depression and anxiety as my own individual weakness, something that made me ashamed of myself.  Behavioural patterns change frequently, and as a result of this you say or do make mistakes, automatically others judge you for that. I have often been told that I am a ‘fair person’. This is because I try my hardest not to judge others, even when I have the full facts. I believe there are two side to every coin, and at the end of the day we are all individuals, we all have our weaknesses and our  strengths, and no one is perfect in this world, everyone has imperfections of some sort, and learning to understand your own imperfections takes true courage and understanding, and I do personally  believe one needs to do this before they have  any right to judge or think they understand others.

Anyway I would like to share two of those quotes with my readers.

First quote…..

Judge not others, until you can truthfully and wisely judge yourself first.

Do not look upon others to find their faults and weakness, unless you can first look within yourself and seek out and find your own faults and weakness.

For the faults you find in others, may be their inner strength and purpose, but your own weakness.

Second quote……

Hope and endurance are what lies ahead, not what has already passed me by.

Love, trust, hope, faith and truth are your  best friends, always at your side.

Life and death are the only two certainties in this world which we all share, what ever comes in between is a blessing, whether it be good or bad, for from this we can only truly learn the lesson of life, or  learn about ourselves.

Powerful quotes indeed and I suppose I could say to you…….judge for yourself what you think they mean to you! In recent weeks I have learnt to judge myself, I have learnt that I do have my strengths and my weaknesses, and I do believe  in some way….this defines who I am as a person.

Its my birthday tomorrow, which for personal reasons I no longer have any intention of  wanting to celebrate despite my orignal plans. I find it more important  to understand the significance and the meaning of Easter Sunday. The one  person who was judged, or more to the point was misjudged most of his life was Jesus, some despised him for what he stood for, and yet he stood for hope, truth, faith and love……..and for me personally these are four of the most important qualities we should all have in our lives.

Happy Easter everyone. xx


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