Full circle!!

At the start of last week I was called into a meeting with my manager and team leader…..my first instinct was to think, oh heck what have I done wrong? My mind hasn’t been in the ‘best of places’ these past couple of weeks, and automatically when you are feeling low…you tend to think the worst. Had I said something whilst in a low mood to upset someone? Had I done something wrong? All the usual questions.

As the meeting unfolded it occurred to me that I had come full circle in the 20 years that I had worked in my present employment.

I was being asked to lead another project, this time  the most major one I have ever been involved with……and most probably my last one with my current employers. As I sat there being advised what was going to happen and what part I was expected to play in this project, I wasn’t really that sure I wanted to be part of it. In my mind I was I suppose trying to justify why it was I had to play my part in helping two companies who were responsible for me and many of my friends and colleagues losing their jobs throughout this year.

In short, due to the changes in our company,  it has meant that all our branches are going through a ‘stock harmonisation’ transition. With the vast amounts of display stock coming back from our branches there are procedures set up to deal with all of this before the final product goes to a shelf location at our DC. We were told last week that we will be having a full stock take at the end of March.

My part in this project is to ensure that through a different way of processing the stock it gets to its shelf locations much quicker……and before the cut off for the stock take. I have to say that I had my doubts about helping the new company out and helping them achieve what they want, and making them ‘look good’.

However, one of the reasons my manager and team leader asked me to lead this project is because they know how conscientious and dedicated I am in doing any job I am given. So, I cautiously accepted. It means a lot of overtime the next few weeks, so the extra money has to be a good incentive, and in addition to this it should look good on my CV.

As a fresh young energetic 26 year old I started my career with this company on a major stock returns project! Back then I was a temp, and never realised for one moment that throughout the time I would be with my company that I would be involved in leading any number of  projects, let alone finishing on such a major one. So it does look like I have come full circle!

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