New Year Resolutions!!

It’s that time of year again even though it’s still a week away, when we all start to think about what our New Years resolutions are going to be, and most of us do attempt to mean them and try to stick by them. Some on the other hand despite their efforts find it impossible to stick to them, and a majority lose interest at some point along the one way for one reason or another…….at the end of the day its ‘human nature’.

I think the majority of us tend to choose  the same  resolutions each and every year, eat more healthily, drink less alcohol and give up smoking…….and try to be a better person.

And whilst these past few months I have been eating a lot more healthily, it is still hard to get out of old habits. Luckily I am a non smoker, and I am an occasional drinker. And I would like to believe that through my own understanding of this illness, not just because I suffer from it, but because I know many more people who suffer it and therefore understand them …that this has made me that little bit better person.

However this coming year I have made some new and important resolutions which I would like to share with my readers.

Firstly to understand my choice of New Yrs resolutions I need to emphasise a couple of  points. As my friends and regular readers are aware, I have commented on several occasions in my blog about people’s attitudes and misunderstanding of this illness. This is the reason of course why there is still such a massive amount of stigma attached to this illness. It’s not only the ignorance of people through choice or lack of understanding, but the sceptical ones because they have absolutely no concept of how it feels, or what any individual goes through when suffering from depression or any other associated mental illness such as bi-polar disorder.

It is all too easy for people to judge others on their  own level of good mental health against those that suffer… other words, I’m having a bad day, but if I can get over it why can’t they attitude.

One thing we can be sure of, as we are being made to believe that this coming year is going to be a year of massive economic uncertainty around the globe, and the UK  is going to go into its own deep economic recession, more and more people will be affected by these circumstances and as a result will suffer from their own mental health problems, namely depression.

So my first New Yrs resolution is…to be more tolerant towards those who have very little or no understanding of  depression. After all if they have no idea of how it feels personally what it is like….then how are they to understand what it is like for others. What’s more how can we re-educate people who have no understanding of this illness, if we don’t understand why it is they do not understand?

Secondly, although I have found it extremely difficult until more recently to admit that I do have an illness, rather than my own perception of having a weakness, I have now come to terms with this idea that I am not weak and I am not alone…….that through my own recovery I want to be in a position to help other sufferers. In a conversation a few weeks ago with a friend, we talked about ‘hope’, and to many people their idea of hope is different to how a fellow sufferer of depression looks at and eventually has to try to accept it. Hope isn’t just something that is there and we can say…ok yes I accept there is hope for the future… is something has to give them meaning, something that they have to accept on their own level and have reason to hold onto. So I would like to be in a position to give other fellow sufferers hope……as I and many others are proof that there is hope during and after depression. But we all need to find that hope some how and from somewhere.

Thirdly, I want to make the most of my life this coming year and continue to find some happiness in it. Although this may seem  like a selfish thought to some, to those of us who do suffer from this dreadful illness, we are all entitled to it and therefore have every right to seek it and allow it into our lives. Going through the various stages of depression on and off these past ten plus years of my life has made me realise many things, you have to grab at what ever happiness you can, no matter how small or inconsequential it may be to others.

During this past year, despite the enormous amount of physical and mental stress I have remained under, I have managed to find some hope and happiness, through the help and understanding of some of my incredibly wonderful family members who know of my illness. Through the help and understanding of my oldest and dearest friend Jane G, who has always been there for me in the past no matter what and who I have had the privilege of knowing for the last 30 yrs. And to my most recent found close friend and confidante Caroline A…who has given me so much hope, support and inspiration in the short time I have known her, and I hope that should the need ever arise I can be there for you in the same way.  And last but not least to all my new-found friends on O.Y.D. with whom I have been lucky to have found mutual support and understanding for each other.

So to each and every one of my readers/followers and their family and friends…. I want to wish to a Happy  New Year, I hope that you all can and will find inner peace, happiness and better health.

One thought on “New Year Resolutions!!

  1. I have had the honour of reading all of your blogs that you have and are leaving here and each and everyone has given me inspiration and helps me through each day and I bless every moment that we have become friends through our depression site. I have always felt alone in my mental and physical illness but knowing the people through that site and especially knowing people like yourself who I can call a friend…..a true and real friend, has helped me more than you will know. Thank you so much for your wonderful words of wisdom and being such a loving and wonderful friend and I wish you love, health and happiness in the New Year…especially knowing what you have to go through. Much love, Carole


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