Today has been a rather ’emotional’ day in many ways. The sudden realisation that although Christmas is around the corner, and these days although I don’t celebrate it like I used to……it still has held some special moments for me over many years.

I have spent the last 20 yrs in my current job as a warehouse/inventory clerk (and GDB!!!) working at the same premises and with most of the same people…..and today it was sad because as a tradition we have a Christmas buffet and raffle all of us together in one sitting instead of the usual two daily lunch time sittings, and as a bonus the management team wait on us!!  Some of my colleagues have over the years become very good friends, and looking around at them all today there wasn’t the usual high spirits that there has always been on this annual occasion. It was sad because this was going to be our very last Christmas together as work colleagues and friends.  The end of an era for all of us.

Over these past two and a half years, we have seen many major changes in the company we work for. To begin with we merged with a large company to create a new bigger better company for all of us for the future….or so we were told and so we were TUPE’d across to the new company, doing the same jobs at the same place. Then earlier this year more major changes came into effect, where upon we were informed that some of our work force would be TUPE’d yet again over to another company who because of legalities of them ‘having stock ownership’ this had to be done .This immediately started alarm bells ringing.  And rightly so……because within several weeks of the TUPE announcement we were then told that 29 out of 42 of us would be made redundant within a period of 12 months from the TUPE date on 1st July, because our jobs would be going abroad, and only 13 staff would move to the new companies premises because their jobs would need to be retained. However for the remaining period of employment we would continue to work at the same premises doing the same jobs, under our same managers and team leaders……until our last day.  What is also unfortunate is those of my work friends and colleagues about 20 of them who were not TUPE’d still don’t know their futures. The speculation is that they to will be made redundant soon after us.

When you work with the same group of people for so long, in a sense they become like a second family away from your own family. And like any family we have our ups and our downs, the usual arguments and making up and so on.

It is sad to think that when we all go our separate ways over a period of a few weeks apart next year that most of us will perhaps lose touch and never see each other again. This made me think what will I be doing this time next year. Will I have a new job? New work colleagues? And will I ever celebrate this important part of Christmas  like this again?

It is horrible feeling living on this knife-edge , not knowing what actual date we will be told we will be required to finish… I achieved maximum point scores on a matrix then I will be supposedly one of the last to go. As our jobs are transferred to the new company so the redundancies will come in to effect, and bit by bit my friends and colleagues will leave. That in itself is very sad and I know therefore no matter how I try to handle this, it will be very emotional for me and all my friends and colleagues when we all say our final farewells to each other next year. For me it truly is the end of an era, but I do hope I will be able to look back on all the Christmas’s I have spent with these work friends and colleagues with happy memories and much affection…….and celerbrate this part of the year in the same way again even without them.


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