Is Sarcasm really funny?

I really can’t believe how that in the space of just a mere few days my mood level has dropped significantly, from one extreme to the other. I’m like a lot of people, I enjoy a good laugh and a joke……but I draw the line at putting others down. There is an old saying that ‘sarcasm is the lowest form of wit’. Who ever made this statement, how right you are.

Only last weekend I felt very relaxed….and dare I say it but quite happy. I spent a very  enjoyable day with some  friends being able to have a good laugh and a joke and a little bit of polite banter, along with being able to have  face to face intelligent conversation………and yet earlier today I ended up in tears, feeling irritated and even a little hostile towards a fellow male  work colleague  due to a barrage of sarcastic and somewhat demoralising remarks over the past few days. But rather than just make his remark and leave it at that, he finds personal satisfaction in continually making the same remarks across the office in conversation….but aiming them at me hoping I will bite back.

The guy in question is still fairly young and therefore still has a lot to learn about attitude. What upsets me the most is the fact he gets personal enjoyment and he gets a kick  from making sarcastic remarks because he thinks it’s fun. And most of the time I don’t think he realises he’s  putting people  down, whats worse is that he doesn’t seem to know he is doing something wrong.

The problem is though, I don’t even know if I’m prepared to really do anything about it. It’s a strange situation, but for the last 10 years I have been a union representative, basically helping to fight other people’s corners against something that is policy or just plain and simply morally wrong. And yet I don’t have the inner strength to fight for myself…….in general I am a shut up and put up kind of person. Unless I feel obliged to say something for or on behalf on anyone else, I very rarely say anything. I don’t really enjoy confrontation…….in fact I have the reputation of being  diplomatic. And it does make me wonder sometimes how many of us out there who suffer depression have the strength to fight for others, and yet are unable to have  the emotional strength to stand up for themselves for some if not most of the time.

Ah well Monday is another day……we will have to see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Is Sarcasm really funny?

  1. Sue –

    My fiance is one of those people who will fight for others but has a tough time fighting for himself. I stress to him that he is worth fighting for too. Sarcasm is sapping though. Hang in there and know that you are worth fighting for too.



    • Thank you for your comment Anne.

      It is an unfortunate fact of life that this happens to so many of us, but fighting on behalf of my work colleagues has given me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I can help others……but I am very rarely able to apply for myself what I can do for others. And I often wonder why that is.

      I don’t find any form of sarcasm that is aimed at any individual in any negative way is funny.

      Maybe one day I will find that inner strength from within to fight for myself!!


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