People do make a difference!!

Today, I again had the privilege of spending some quality time with my friend Caroline. It’s strange that a single telephone call in July and a chance  meeting in August of this year brought us together, and  helped introduce me to some other great new friends, with whom we all have the same thing in common.  Since that one point in time, I feel that my life has changed…..and I must say most insistently for the better. And I was duly reminded today, that things happen when they happen for a reason.

If I had to find just one single word to describe this lady, I think it would be a word that these days is a rare commodity. I would sum up her best qualities….with her personality,  enthusiasm, sense of humour, an ability to communicate on all levels and her true sense of  understanding, amongst many other great attributes.  That one word I think would have to be ‘charismatic’

Very few people can or have inspired me over the past few years, but in such a short time this lady has made a difference, not once but several times.  Today we spent some time (and money) in one of her favourite…if not her MOST favourite shop!! We shared some artistic creative ideas, conversation and laughs as well as lunch…..and I have come away feeling enlightened happy and full of artistic ideas….dare I say it but I feel somewhat inspired yet again.

I think what helps in many ways is not just the fact we both suffer depression and therefor have more of an understanding, but also the fact we are of the same age group….only 2 yrs apart, ( and I wont say to whose advantage that is!) but we were both brought up in the same era, live by  similar principles, enjoy some of the same  interests in art, photography, animals and beautiful scenery, and apart from bananas sprouts and parsnips, we also enjoy similar foods.

Despite some ‘stormy seas’ being over the horizon for me next year, I’m starting to look to 2012 with new energy, vitality and hope I’m also looking forward to spending some quality time on holiday with this charismatic lady next Spring. Overall I have realised today that it’s people who can and do make a real difference in your life……. So thank you Caroline and Feri.


4 thoughts on “People do make a difference!!

  1. Thank you hun, you are too kind but your comments are much appreciated. It helps me to know that I can help others cope and live with depression and show that it need not be the awful burden all of the time. It can come and go and it’s hope and the belief that there is light at the end of the tunnel that keeps you going. But just remember that I don’t do it for you. YOU do it yourself because you chose to see a bright future and make the positive changes. YOU make those changes and you will be fine. Keep going and stay strong. Take care. C XXX


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