Take for granted.

During the past 6 months or so I have been in the lucky position of being able to ‘re open my mind’ and start to appreciate things again that because of my depression I had forgotten about or ignored over the past couple of years.

Simple pleasures that occur in abundance, but we sometimes take for granted because they are always there and we forget to notice them. I wonder how often we see for instance a flower and look at its remarkable colours, the details on the petals and  smell its perfume, and marvel at how wonderful that there are so many different flowers and plants to look at. Mother nature intended us to see all her beauty. Or how often do we see a wild bird such as a Robin, Blackbird or Bluetit and stop and think how incredible it is that such a small creature has the ability to make you smile when it bursts into song or gets up to doing funny antics in front of you or how it manages to survive throughout the harshest of weather, or nurture its young.  And I do think sometimes we forget all  this….although not always through choice.

When I have been struggling with  periods of being in the  darkest depths of my depression, I just feel the need to shut myself away from everyone and everything going on around me, and although I don’t choose to ignore  things, it just happens because I start to feel emotionless and numb and have no control over whats happening. As a result of this, a walk through my local woods which is virtually on my doorstep, appears to be just a shortcut to my local shops, a quick route from A to B……nothing more nothing less.

However, a few days ago something created a spark in me,whilst taking the shortcut through the woods.  I noticed a squirrel in front of me, it turned it’s head to one side, looked at me and then ran up the tree that was standing between us. Within seconds he was right at the top of the tree and looking down at me and and dropping twigs towards me. It made me smile.

I chose to take the longer route through the woods instead that morning, as a result of this I noticed a great deal more than I normally would have. By following a different pathway, I came across a Woodpecker perched on the bark of a tree, tapping merrily away. A pair of Robins chasing each other in and out of a holly bush, and several more squirrels running up and down trees and jumping from branch to branch. Further along the pathway, I found a few patches of stinging nettles with ladybirds on them.

For a few moments more I stood there with my eyes closed, took in a few deep breaths and listened to the different sounds of nature going on around me and smelled the fresh air.  It was truly wonderful, and as I stood there it dawned on me that all these simple little momentary pleasures are taken for granted. And yet as strange as it may seem, these are the things that have aided my recovery over the last few months, so much so that I love to go out with my camera and capture those moments forever.


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